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It’s Ok. Go Ahead and Celebrate.

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( Sistas pat yourself on the back. Give yourself a hug. Go ahead, wrap your arms around yourself and squeeze and tell yourself, “Girl you did that!”. Whatever it is. If you are walking across some one’s stage and receiving a high school diploma, a bachelors, a doctorate, girl, if you are getting your GED, celebrate! You have set a goal and you made it happen. All of the sacrifices and arrangements that you made to get here, you deserve to a Soul Train Line spotlight. Milly Rock, Shoki, Wobble Slide all by yourself honey.

You see, when you celebrate you and your achievements you give yourself motivation to set more goals and knock them down. Too often we spend our time and energy in celebration of others and let our greatness go unnoticed. You deserve a shout out, a dedication, a parade if you want to, although some might think that is a bit excessive but I say do your thing. When you feel a sense of accomplishment you want to do so much more.

Also, there is nothing wrong with celebrating each other. Surround yourself with people who want to see you win. So what if your family is the one in the crowd at the graduation with the matching shirts with your name and face on them. If the family behind them can’t see that they are so extremely proud of that they stand and start cheering as soon as they spot you in line to walk towards the stage, then that is their problem. There is a section of seats for the “I’m just here for the photo op” people so they can seat themselves accordingly. As for you and your tribe, TURN ALL THE WAY UP. Shout out to the sistas who cat walk that stage because they know that under that gown they are killing the game. Give them that work girl.

What we have to realize is that the energy of celebration is one of life’s gifts makes us vibrate higher. It is in our DNA. What do you think most of the traditional African dances were about? I’ll give you a beat. You figure it out yet? Yes! Celebration! Somewhere we have lost the true purpose of celebration. There are African cultures that celebrate a girls first menstrual cycle. I know that doesn’t sound like just cause for a party to you, but that is because we have been programmed to be ashamed and secretive about the functions of the female anatomy. But I digress. Where was I? Oh yeah, celebration. It can be religious, spiritual or just a way to show that you are excited and grateful that you made it through something that, at times, may have seemed like an impossible task. It is a way of recognizing that you are capable of growth.

If you are struggling to find something to celebrate, here is a short list to light a fire up under you:

  • A Birthday: You have never been this age before. Show em what you working with.
  • Giving birth: For those of you who have, you know why this is a big deal.
  • A graduation: You gained some knowledge and the world is about to be a better place because of it.
  • Holidays: You know how we do. Food, family and fun.
  • Successful grocery shopping trips (because when lemon Oreos are on sale I do a little dance inside)
  • Jeans that fit without having to hire a pit crew to NASCAR you in and out of them. Because sometimes I go overboard with the Oreos.
  • Fresh air.
  • Silence
  • Music

I can go on and on of reasons to celebrate. I mostly want to want you to know that there is always something to look to whereby you can find joy. Each time you open your eyes start with that and let it get better from there.

Staff Writer; LaMisha M. Readus

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