Friday, May 24, 2024

Keep Your Business.

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( It’s okay to have a confidante that you talk to when you are facing situations that require council. However, some of us are misusing the sister circle, and don’t understand the idea of what it means to have business. Ladies everything is not a discussion. The secret best kept honestly is the one never told. We live in a time whereby everything has to be a discussion amongst each other, or worse on social media. It seems to be common for us to share who we with, what we are thinking, what we aspire to do, who we love, who we hate, and our logic as to why any of it matters. On the flip side we don’t understand why drama is a constant, and the mystique of a woman has faded for some of us.

The idea of having “haters” is widely acknowledges, and of course everyone hates the drama. I understand you are just trying to get it how you live…and live your best life. Well the problem is simple…everyone is in your life. A great example is the love life. Too many sisters are sharing every detail and moment on of their relationship all over social media every chance they can get. Are you in love, or is it a “look at me” contest?

It’s an important question because if you are going to display everything about your relationship you can’t be upset if someone begins to target what you have. Did it ever occur to you that some men would rather not have their personal details exposed? Not being able to keep your business private can cause issues in your love nest when your partner begins to feel violated. Yes, be happy in love, but don’t lose your discretion.

Telling all of your business obviously opens you up to betrayal. Everyone is not a confidante, and it I important that you know who you are talking to when you choose to disclose the depths of your soul. Nothing is more embarrassing when opening social media and finding that your business is on front street for the world to know because your friend got angry with you. You can find yourself feeling exposed when one sister in your circle decided to tell others “in confidence”, and it leaks out. Please note that this can also apply to telling the wrong male friend as well. Yes, in either situation the person that betrayed your confidence is wrong, however maybe going forward you might want to be careful there you lay your verbal burdens down.

Everyone is not able to handle what you are thinking, feeling, or even the beautiful things that are happening in your life. It is quite okay to keep some things for yourself. If you feel you have to say it…well you could always talk to your journal. My mother always told me to mind how I handle my business or I will find myself without business. Be careful what you share, and its okay not to share some things about you with others that are not on that level. Life doesn’t require you to be an open book, and just because we live in a time where everything has to be public doesn’t me you have to subscribe to that dramatic way of living.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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