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Stubbornness Can Kill You.

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( Sisters we take health, and sometimes the Lord’s mercy, for granted. We are so busy taking care of others we forget ourselves or decide we will be okay. Far to often sisters have found themselves having to surrender areas of control in their life for various reasons. The needs of many were always more important. What this can equate too, if not careful, is the unwillingness to allow someone to are for you, and the fear that can arise from illness as you have walked with so many through such. Whatever the reason is we must resign ourselves to overcome our lack of care because if we don’t others will pay. Being stubborn about healthcare can literally kill you. When you play Russian roulette with your life…you are also playing with the life of your dearest family members and friends. It is important to do all that you can to avoid health complications.

Though many black women very well may be superwoman some battle with the fear of illness, and even death. So many sisters have cared for others through the most horrific health challenges. Some have have watched their loved one pass on right their arms. This can create a subconscious defense mechanism whereby they constantly tell themselves they are okay. No matter what the doctor says they will fight to be okay in their mind. this can lead to self-diagnosis, and you taking medications that harm more than help. Furthermore, it often leads to fighting with family because the family wants you to be well, and they are listening to the doctors without fighting.

Sometimes, it might be wise to see a therapist. This person can help you work through the barriers that stop you from taking care of yourself. They can help you put the timeline together that would help you understand what you need to do, as well embrace the family that loves you. When you refuse to take care of yourself your family may be left feeling that you do not care about them. Family is not about the I or You, but more so the We. Granted family members don’t know how you feel in your body, nor the fears you have deep inside. However, they can say the same in the sense that you don’t understand what it’s doing to them to watch you suffer…especially when it’s avoidable.

Sisters we know how to summon compliance in many ways when we are caring for loved ones. We know how to stay on our knees in prayer for the health and healing of others. However, we need to remember that just as stubbornness can kill others…it can also kill us. If we are blessed to have loved ones willing to care for us we must let them do so. We must stand accountable to ourselves, and our families, to make our health physically and mentally a priority. No one should have to fight us to care for us or love us. One expression of our love can be how well we care for ourselves so that we can continue to love and be loved.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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