Friday, April 12, 2024

Get Out of Your Own Way.

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( Life does have challenges. Some of us have been victims of trauma and hardships. There are losses in ones’ life that can disorient you to the point it feels the world will never be right side up again. Some women have lost spouses. Some have lost kids. Some have been abandoned on their darkest days and betrayed by the very people they sacrifice for. Yet, some of us still have more than some. You might be sitting at home reading this article knowing you have a dream in your heart…something you want to do with your life that fills you with passion.

You might have someone that loves you, but you don’t feel you deserve love, and every time you look at your partner all you see is everything you are not. You find yourself getting into arguments with your most trusted friends because they want better for you, you go to them with matters that concern you, but you are not willing to act on counsel given that you know would help you. There are times when we need help from others, and even medical attention. Yet, there are also times when we must look in the mirror and tell the truth.

You must understand the ancestors that came before us had so much less in terms of opportunity, and while many faced their men being lynched, violation and many more horrific nightmares they kept pushing, and we are here today on the shoulders of their tenacity. If you have a dream in your heart get up, find a pen and some paper and being to brainstorm it out. The path to your dream very well may be difficult but it can be done, and you may find fulfillment in not only the accomplishment of your dreams, but the journey to reach them. Get out of your way and empower you.

In relationships those that love us see in us what we can’t see in ourselves. If you have someone in your life that loves you despite your faults don’t crap on it by throwing that positive loving energy away because you can’t see you. Just because you don’t believe in you doesn’t mean your partner has to give up. If thy were to do so they you would be screaming he abandoned you, so get out of yourself long enough to accept genuine love when its being given. Sometimes you need to allow someone to help you heal through love until you can foster enough love to take over the healing process. Sister no one makes it in this world alone. Get out of your own way and allow love to show you your beauty.

Having a team of people in your life that love you enough to be there when hell breaks loose is a blessing indeed. They are not your dumping ground nor whipping stick to vent at every time you feel the need to let go. You ask them for counsel yet as they give you answers all you see are problems. No solution is ever good enough, and you realize it but that is a defense mechanism that allows you to turn your eyes away from having to take accountability in your own life.

Life doesn’t fix itself…it requires realization, work, and help. Get out of your own way and allow yourself to hear wise counsel when its given. Allow yourself to take it in and begin to move towards taking the reigns of control in your life. You can overcome any obstacle placed in your path, but its debilitating when the obstacle is you. Of all the things others can help you remove out of your way…only you can remove you.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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