Saturday, July 13, 2024

Let Love Live.

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( You want to be loved. You deserve to be loved. You deserved to be treated like the Queen you are, and should not have to pay for the mistakes of some woman from a previous relationship. You have been praying for this man to see you for who you are to him. You need him to understand you are his ally and not his enemy. You know he has been hurt…but so have you and that is no excuse for him to shut down emotionally. You need him to be all in or just leave you be. You want a future with this man of yours…but only if he really wants one with you. You are so tired of the constant fussing and serious talks. You question is this love at all? Why must everything be such a constant battle just to be happy? Have you stopped to question if you are capable of letting love live?

You might be asking yourself exactly what does she mean, or you are wondering if this is another moment whereby everything is the woman’s fault. Absolutely not, with that being said we must be willing to face the same expectations we require. It is important to understand that you do indeed deserve to be loved and treated like a Queen. You should want to be in a situation whereby your feelings, and thoughts matter to the one you love. You must also be willing to provide that very thing. Thing is sisters many of us don’t understand that men and women truly are different. We don’t want to pay for the past…yet sometimes it is hard for us not to charge the sins of our past to our current partner.

Yes, sometimes the brother simply needs to get it together, and sometimes the person needing to take a look at self might be you. If you sit down with your man and explained everything in above mentioned as it pertains to you and he vows to work on himself…. LET HIM. Don’t expect him to do a 180 overnight, as not even you are capable of that. However, if you know for a fact he man loves you, and he is not toxic, let love live. He isn’t a child, so you don’t have to repeat yourself constantly as eventually that will lead you to feel that he’s doing things out of obligation…and then you will be salty about that.

It is important to know the difference between a toxic man, and ones’ insecurities running wild. Sometimes ladies we find ourselves worked up over communication when we haven’t allowed the brother to respond to us. Everyday we find something new to fuss about and that can be tiring sending the signal that no matter what he does it will never be enough. Basically, it would help us ladies out if give what we expect in this area. We want to be appreciated, and when we are working on ourselves we don’t want to be kicked while trying. We know we aren’t perfect but would appreciate it if our progress is acknowledged.

Furthermore, when that progress happens we don’t want to be greeted with a pessimistic attitude like our growth doesn’t mean anything because its not perfect. Ladies…he doesn’t want to endure this either and if not careful we can kill a love that was meant for us expecting a perfection that we ourselves can’t attain. The “golden rule” goes a long way on both sides in letting love grow and live. Think about it.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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