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Why Meditation Can Help Ease Your Pain.

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(ThySistas.comLife isn’t always happy and carefree; sometimes it’s filled with pain and moments of serious struggle and hardship.

When our bodies are in pain, there are products we can turn to that can help. Getting a set of insoles from, for example, may be the answer to your prayers when it comes to foot pain.

But when it’s our hearts and souls that are hurting, there just isn’t a thing you can buy out of a catalogue that’s going to make it all better. To fix that kind of pain takes time, tears, difficult conversations and real effort.

But there are things you can do to help heal that pain more quickly. Meditation is one ancient practice that has been used around the world for thousands of years, that can help. Scientists have evidence that people who meditate may be happier, calmer, and tougher than people who don’t.

Here are some reasons why meditation can help ease your pain.

It reminds you that you’re not your thoughts

It’s really easy for us to get confused and to believe that we are our thoughts. But we’re not.

Our thoughts are things that come and go in our minds, but we’re the people who experience those thoughts. We’re the minds that the thoughts happen in.

Think of it like this — if you read the words “pink elephant” and a pink elephant pops into your head, is that picture of a pink elephant really a part of who you are? No, it’s just a thought.

When we meditate, we train to look at our thoughts and watch them come and go. This reminds us that we’re not our thoughts. We can then feel more confident and positive knowing that our negative thoughts about ourselves aren’t us.

It reminds you that’s peace beneath every storm

Another thing meditation teaches us is that no matter how wild and busy our lives may be at the moment, there’s always a calm, peaceful place inside of us. That’s the place we go to when we practice meditation.

Knowing that we have this calm, peaceful place waiting for us can help to stop us feeling overwhelmed and helpless when things get too intense.

After enough meditation practice, you should be able to visit that calm, peaceful place with just a couple of deep breaths, and regain your composure quickly.

It helps you to concentrate more on the things that matter

One of the big skills that meditation teaches us is to focus on one thing and let the rest pay by in the background.

A lot of the time when we become upset in life it’s because we’re focusing on the things that don’t matter and ignoring the things that do matter.

Maybe you don’t have the nicest car in town, but so what? How about your loving family, or your talents as an artist, or the fact that you’re a good storyteller? Isn’t that stuff more important? Isn’t it worth being grateful for?

The more you can concentrate on the things that matter, the happier you’ll be, and meditation can help with that.

Staff Writer; Lisa Curry

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