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Do You Know What You Want.

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( Women are not children and deserve to be treated as adults. No one, man or woman, has the right to try to tell us our mind. We are intelligent individuals capable of making decisions for ourselves. There are so many sisters with multiple degrees, and they are making strides that destroy the glass ceilings in their careers. Some of our sisters are parents, and they are making the sacrifices necessary to invest in the overall wellness of their children. There are sisters that are on the cusp of the elder mantle as they stand in the gap serving as a loving cohesive that holds everyone together.

Our sisters manage their homes, and finances while learning new ways to be fiscally responsible while keeping a peaceful energy in their homes. They can tell you about planning, multi-tasking and still find time to put God first. The spirituality they believe in is apparent in the all the above-mentioned areas. There is clarity of thought, and decisive movement. However, once one moves into the arena of the personal life everything changes.

Sometimes we make the mistake of not trusting self nor our belief system when it comes to dealing with a man. We know what we want and need in every area, but don’t know what we truly want or need. Is it that we feel we don’t deserve happiness based on what we want in a man? The trauma many of us endure in the area of relationships can weaken our faith in our ability to receive happiness in the area of our personal life.

Sometimes we interact in relationships based on our past, the experience of others and fear. We don’t always apply the same principle, order, confidence nor spirituality in this area of our life. It is so much easier to trust the areas we feel we have more control over, and we have more of a handle on exactly what we want. In a partner do you know what you want?

It is important to know yourself to understand what you need in a relationship. This understanding will also help you know what you bring to the table in said relationship. What you offer is more than your accomplishments. What your heart conveys to another, and how you love is a part of the essence of you. What is your understanding of what a relationship entails? If you are “praying” for a man, or the man you are with, is what you are praying for good for you?

Is the relationship or your, or want of a partner, a necessity because you are afraid of being alone? The time, care and confidence you put into every aspect of your life is required in your personal life. Just as you decided on what you want and need this must also be applied to your relationships. If you decided to trust God at school, and at work…trust him with your heart. You’ll never know if you have the right partner if you don’t invest the time to know what you want, and need.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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