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Books Became My Escape.

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( When faced with trauma that causes anxiety and depression it is really easy to feel that life is completely out of control. Its as though you are losing your mind screaming inside but no one can hear you. As more people are discussing positive mental health options some of us have found ourselves trapped in the maze of medications. Granted counselling and therapy has proved to be a positive outlet some of us have felt we have sunk to a different kind of low via the prescription medications we are given.

Many of us know, or knew, someone on Valium, Zoloft or other depression and anxiety medications. Some of us witnessed our loved ones need more medication to deal with the side effects of the medication that was supposed to help deal with the anxiety and depression. Some sisters have begun to seek holistic methods to deal with mental health challenges. Granted everyone is not able to take that route based on the diagnosis, but those that can have begun to consider a route void of medication.

I admit I was one that could not accept a route that led to medication for fear of the side effects. Meditation, and spiritual direction was a great help in easing my anxiety and strengthening my position that I was not alone. Knowing that regardless of how I was feeling I had family in my life that was standing with me, and the constant reminder of this, kept me in the understanding that my life is very important. I learned to separate how I was feeling from the truth of what was happening around me through mediation, and spiritual affirmation. However, taking my mind to a place where it could relax was still a challenge.

Depression came as I looked around and realized I didn’t have an outlet to get even a small reprieve from the things around me that were not changing fast enough…. or that were life altering and I could not stop the changes. When your money is tight you can’t just hop on a plane or in the care and take a break from everything, and everyone. Furthermore, having a family can also make it difficult to just get up and tend to self. I realized in this moment that one of the things I loved doing could be my ticket to a better head space.

Many have heard the saying “Reading is Fundamental”, and its true but reading can also be an escape. When one takes the time to find a genre they love or try one that does not identify with their surrounding you may find that you have a way to mentally exit the space you are in while engaged in books. Of course, reading on a regular basis has many academic benefits, but I found that when I opened my book in my free time I was no longer in the space where mi was wrestling with the death of my Father, past sexual assaults or goals that I feel have become harder than necessary to achieve. For those windows of time I was in an adventure in a far away place, and sometimes the stories themselves gave me insight on how to deal with different issues I was facing. I was basically reconnected with a love of reading I remembered as a child.

There are many ways to deal with anxiety and depression. It is very important that you deal in the manner that is best conducive to your wellness. With that don’t be afraid to try a few different avenues that may help you ease the tension without the side effects.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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