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Hair on Credit?

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(ThySistas.com) Sisters we must have a discussion about priorities, and how important to us our hair maybe. Recently I was informed that if a sister was needing to by bundles she could do so on credit verses just paying for it upfront as bundles can get rather expensive. I have to admit to you I was both baffled, and annoyed. As a black woman I totally understand how important hair is to us. I understand the battles that we have with hair, as I have been both relaxed and natural, and how our hair tends to have a direct correlation to how we are treated. With that being said why would any of us buy bundles on credit? Is there a point where the need for weave goes too far? This doesn’t seem wise financially, but more so I wonder does it have a deeper reflection on our internal struggle.

I understand there are sisters that feel this is utter, and complete, foolishness. They would deem this irresponsible arguing there are other things you could be using credit to obtain that has more value that weave. At this point one would have to ask where does social media fit into this madness. That has to be question in a time whereby so many of our sisters want to look like Instagram models, and the bundles are necessary to forge the identity one is trying to obtain at all cost.

This is not the argument of to wear weave or not to wear weave. This is the questioning of ones’ life priorities. If you can’t really afford your weave should you be trying to get it on credit? This is not the same as buying a car, and for the record there re quite a few items out there that can be purchased on credit that fall into this same category. If you are fighting to pay bills, feed your kids, get your kids the necessities they need then one would think weave on credit might not be a good idea. You have more pressing matters to solve.

If we can imagine for a moment…what if this was not an option? For many it still isn’t an option so how would you deal with your hair? Excluding the sisters that are dealing with hair loss for various health reasons, you might have to learn how to deal with the hair that comes naturally out of your head. I am not one that feels sisters should fight over natural verses relaxed…do what’s best for you as an individual.

With that said when you being to consider your weave to be so important you must buy it on credit you must then consider what your course of action if you are denied. There are just somethings we should pay for if we want it, and re-access if we can’t afford such…weave is one of those things. You may love the look but at what cost? Try not to let the beauty standards you see on Instagram and other social media sites make you want to go into debt to keep up with the latest weave trends.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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