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Know When to Say Never.

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(ThySistas.comNever say never” you don’t know what you will do in certain situations so don’t limit yourself. How many women have been told something along those lines. In the same breath you are also told to utilize positive affirmation. One of the deadliest conversations we engage in is the conversation we have with ourselves. If we are to speak life to our energy and vibe in that space how are we to bar certain types of energy without the word never. It is understandable that everything in life will not go our way, and sometimes the things we encounter that are meant to tear us down open the door for elevation. Even with this understanding we must speak truth to self and others around us.

Limitations are not a bad thing. Granted, they should not be applied to the goals you are aiming to achieve, nor any positive steps you are striving to attain. With that being said you should slap never on certain boundaries and use it to bar damaging energy. Its easy to say to one’s self I’ll never say never just in case… just in case what is the question. Knowing what you want, and do not, is a part of being in control of your life. Its quite okay to have deal breakers in relationships, and they don’t make you love any less, but simply protect your well-being.

Furthermore, applying never in some areas of your life is speaking those things into existence. There is nothing wring with having positive affirmations such as: I will never abuse myself, I will never betray my loved ones, I will never count myself out, etc. you may thing well if ones of those things happen then the guilt might be more than I can bare. However, just as you are speaking positive characteristics into your life you can speak these. They are things you never want to do, and you know you are not perfect…but you are putting yourself in remembrance of who you are. You are not a person that abuses self, betrays loves one, nor gives up on self. In this instance never is a character builder.

In relationships when you are speaking positive truth into that area of your life it is appropriate to call out the things you never want to encounter. In some churches members are taught the power of faith confessions or speaking the life of God’s Word into your circumstances, the same principle applies in the application of never.

If you are speaking life in your marriage, and relationships with family then boldly declare what you will never encounter. As you are applying never to betrayal, cheating, abuse and the such you are speaking that positivity into the world. It is okay to use the word never and mean it. When you are taking a spiritual stance against any form of negativity you are not limiting yourself. Granted everything might not always pan out exactly how you plan, but you are taking control of your energy, and what you expect.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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