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Must Have Travel Recipes When on the Road.

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( Traveling has its perquisites. Whether it’s camping, checking out cabins or going on bushwalks, the action is almost always in plenty. With all the energy that’s spent during the expeditions, it’s always recommended to have a healthy meal prepped ready to be on the roll.

In the last year and a half, we’ve hosted a numerous visitors seeking the adventures of a retreat. There are many interesting recipes available with Pocket Change Gourmet. The delicacies aim to satiate whilst hitting all the right spots of one’s palate. These are the dishes most visitors sampled when exploring the outdoors with us.

Key Lime Pie

The pleasing taste of key lime pie lingers long in the mouth long after consumption. Amazingly, the delicacy can be consumed in a number of varied ways, whether as a pie, served on sticks, in jars or all soaked up in syrup, with meringue servings and without. Want to enjoy the serving outside? It’s a plan. Inside? Still ideal.

When it comes to key lime pie, there’s no limits to the imagination. There are even gluten-free versions available out there if one is feeling a bit liberal. In essence, key lime pie can be taken in a couple of varied combinations without losing its luster. It’s no wonder that this was the dish of choice for most campers.

Cornbread Pancakes with a Hint of Strawberry Compote

Hmm, a cross between cornbread and pancakes? How would that taste? The answer is, fantastic. Of course, as with every other food portion, the proof of the pudding ultimately lies in the eating.

All that’s needed is to check out the recipe and try to cook it up. The meal was a big hit among adventurers who seemed to simply want to partake in something sweet while on the go. Incredibly, the dish can be taken together with toppings like strawberry compote, lots of maple syrup and butter. Whatever one’s preferences are really, it’s all about freedom of choice.

Japanese Soy Sauce Eggs

This was another big hit among travelers. Shoyu eggs are also referred to as Japanese soy sauce eggs. When it comes to culinary applications, the eggs are traditionally used as a garnish for ramen.

While that’s the conventional method of consumption, there’s a whole plethora of other options available. The name of the game is sampling, there’s so many ways that these umami bombs can be enjoyed. One could try out making a batch and then snack on them whenever the hunger pangs strike.

When used in accompaniment with grain bowls, they are fantastic add-ons. Alternatively, the Japanese soy sauce eggs can be paired together with morning porridge to add some extra oomph to the mix since they add that additional heft necessary.

Roasted Cauliflower Salad with Chickpeas, Feta and Herbs

This particular delicacy has been accepted by travelers from all around the country as being the ultimate apotheosis of the trendy salad. It’s utter perfection in the way it’s made and presented ready for consumption. While the process is a bit complex, it still serves its purpose dutifully.

Parting Shot

Having the choice of the aforementioned saucy dishes on one’s menu is quintessential when planning any excursion. It’s high time to get acquainted!

Staff Writer; Sherry Shaw

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