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4 Ways to Restart Your Diet After a Weekend of Binging.

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( It happens to the best of us. We get into a groove with a new diet and then mess it all up in one weekend. Oh, it’s just me? Okay, then.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve done this. I start off great, call myself splurging a little on a Friday and then that one day of “cheating” turns into three days and I’m right back where I was when I made the commitment to do better. I have found myself so upset with myself in the past that I just say “forget it” and go back to my bad eating ways. This is so easy to do. The good news is if this is you, know you’re not alone and know that you can get back on track and keep your diet moving in the right direction. It all comes down to recalibrating yourself and finding ways to make your resolve stronger.

So here are some ways to get back on the horse after falling off of your diet due to a weekend of binge eating.

Cleanse Your Body

Many times, after eating a lot of bad food, that is what your body starts to crave. If you’ve had a few days of cake, fried chicken, and pizza, do some type of cleanse to get rid of the toxins you’ve put into your body and to reset your taste buds. You can train yourself to want the good stuff and it starts with detoxing.

Get to the Gym

There is nothing like some gym motivation to get you back on track. And if I’m really being honest, you NEED to get back to physical activity to get the pounds you may have gained off of you. Taking a class, walking on the treadmill, spending time on the elliptical or getting your steps in on a stair climber will all help you get back in the game.

Refocus Your Mind

If you ask a lot of people, it is all about mind over matter. You have got to make an effort to refocus your mind so that you can send the right messages to the rest of your body. That’s where it all starts. You can do this by meditating or by keeping things around you that remind you of your goals. It can be an old picture of yourself when you were in better shape or even a picture of a celebrity or person you know, which all serve as sources of motivation.

Stay Encouraged

Don’t cast off your goals altogether because of a few days of mistakes. Remember why you started your journey in the first place and let that be the fuel that keeps you going. Don’t dwell on what you did because you can’t change that. Just look forward to what you want to see happen in your life.

Diets are hard and when it comes down to it, it’s really all about a lifestyle change. That’s what’s going to get you to the finish line in the long run. We all mess up, but the thing that matters most is not what you did, but how you get back up to finish your course.

Staff Writer; Rasheda Abdullah

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