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I Can’t Ignore Her Privilege.

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(ThySistas.com) In my leisure reading of the news nationwide I came across a situation in Iowa whereby a white woman went on vacation to Germany for 11 days. That doesn’t sound like anything unusual, however the problem was she left her 4 children home alone to fend for themselves. To make the matter worse when contacted by police she took her precious time getting home to her kids. It came out that a handgun was left on a dresser that was accessible to the children ranging from 6-12 years of age. This is a drastic case of child endangerment, and it is upsetting. You must be thinking this behavior will warrant jail time for the child neglecting mother. Well, she was sentenced to 2yrs probation.

There was a plea that allowed her to get out of pleading guilty, and she received probation. I admit was angered but I was not shocked. The thought, how could you be so cruel to your children, constantly played in my mind. If she were a man she would be deemed as worse than a dead beat, and a poster child for men abandoning their children. It dawned on me that was the word I had been seeking…abandonment. This woman clearly abandoned her children and did so without any show of responsibility nor remorse for her actions.

We all know if she was a black woman this would have been plastered all over the news and social media. It would have been another moment to tell black women they are not good mothers. This woman’s defense council directed blame to the fathers of the children…yet we don’t know who they are. When I took time to really look at it, I hate to say, it affirmed that I will never be a feminist in this country. I simply can not ignore the privilege of a white woman in this county. Yes, I understand they are fighting to be equal to men and are willing to take a stand against white male privilege. However, what does unspoken is this action is down when it best suits them of course.

No woman of color could have worked that outcome given the crimes. White women are the direct benefactors o white male privilege…I guess that’s why so many of them voted for Trump. This is not something that we, as black women, can afford to ignore because as we yield strength and spirit to the cause that is feminism we are giving white women the fuel needed to fuss with their men folk when they choose while still having the privilege status of a white woman.

In no media outlet would it be okay for me to abandon my children without regard, tell the authorities what I had done with no fear, and take my time adhering to their directive only to walk away with probation. The privilege is real in this situation and many others. Black women have to be sure we understand this when we seek, or accept, allies to our cause regarding race and equality. If we aren’t careful forgetting for privilege is ties to a white man can destroy the relationship we have with our community and men.

Yes, we do need our men with us to constitute community, but that’s another story. Know we aren’t the worst mothers in this country…and we have no privilege that would ever allow what this woman did to her kids. Know who you are dealing with when you lock arms with them in what “you think” is an act of solidarity amongst women.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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