Monday, May 27, 2024

Our Babies Are Not Paychecks.

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( Children are a gift from the creator. There is so much we can learn from them as we try to teach them how to grow, learn and navigate this life we are in. Our black babies are just as important as any other child. They are smart, talented and innovative. However, they must be given the tools to maximize their full potential. Asking our children to produce success without investing in them is hypocritical and could be seen as abusive. It is far time we look at why we have children. I say this because we must ask ourselves are some of us breeding for paychecks…having multiple children just to use them for the illusion of a “come up”. This is a disservice to our kids, and we are creating individuals that may grow broken, full of anger and confusion and ready to unleash such on the world.

Woman that can have children are blessed as all of us are not able. There are women our there that would give anything for the opportunity to experience motherhood while some take that very gift for granted. Motherhood is a selfless act and journey. That is the case for parenting period. You give everything you have to raise an individual who will go out into the world and be their own person. Your reward is knowing you equipped them for success. Your reward is their love. Our women must consider this as they engage in sexual activity especially when it is for the purpose of getting pregnant.

Some of our sisters are doing so for the sole purpose of using the child to gain government checks and its everything from welfare to social security. The problem is we are putting our children into the system by no fault of their own for our own selfish agenda. That is not love, an it isn’t motherhood. This isn’t judgment but a wake up call. If black men need to own not abandoning their children and their flaws in fatherhood. We as black women also need to own our shortcomings when it comes to motherhood. Only by both sides taking accountability can we save our children and heal our communities.

There are children that do require medication, and mental health treatment as some of them truly are disabled. However, some of us are allowing this when there is nothing wrong with the child…something is wrong with the parent. A 12 yr with nothing wrong with them except the occasional I don’t want to put out the trash attitude is not disabled…. they are being a typical 12 yr old. Think back on your childhood…did you like doing chores? I’m sure none of us did however, we had no choice in the matter. We were the child and we were to follow the instructions of our parents. We must allow our kids to be kids while constituting the order and discipline needed for them to have structure. This is not the jo of the state…it is the responsibility of the parent.

Our children are the legacy of our family, and our people. They are not a paycheck; they are an investment. We must become more responsible and embrace the selfless path of a parent. Our children are not our come up…they are our pride and joy. Don’t put your child in the system to pimp them for a check….yes that’s what it is. Get the help necessary for them as it is needed, but don’t abuse them for gain. We know what they face in the oppressors of this country…we should not introduce them to oppression via their parents. Our children deserve more.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

May also connect with this sister via Twitter; ChelleStJames.

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