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Love Tells the Truth.

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(ThySistas.com) In our support community there is a need to feel loved, supported, encouraged, and uplifted. No one wants to feel misunderstood or attacked when they are in a low space. Though compassion is always appreciated sometimes we need people to love us enough to tell us the truth about where we are. Love is not always warm and fuzzy. It’s being there with your sister through her darkest hours knowing that somehow she will get through the night. However, you must understand that those who cheer hardest for you, sincerely, will also tell you when you are about to put yourself in harms way. Shutting out those that care for your ego, or because you don’t want to hear the truth can harm the support you need.

It is important to realize when you are loved and understand what that means. People that love you will want to be there for you, and do the best they can to help you achieve your goals. They will make the time to be a shoulder to lean on, and an ear when you need them. These sisters deserve appreciation and respect for the positive energy they contribute to your life. Far to often we find ourselves with people around us that are “yes women”.

Those women won’t challenge us, they don’t tell us we are wrong about anything…they won’t even let us know when what we have on is hideous. Everything with hem is to the tune of “whatever you like”. The problem is this is not love, nor support. When true crisis arises, you will find they tend to disappear leaving you to your pain and suffering. They don’t seem to have the patience to be there for you when the situation is not quickly resolved.

The sister that will not let you wallow in self pity loves you. The one that doesn’t let you embarrass yourself with words when you are wrong loves you. Sisters that will remind you there is greater in you then what you are displaying, and you are living below your capability love you. It may be hard to hear, but they loved you enough to risk their relationship with you to help you see truth in order to grow. The problem is they should not feel threatened when speaking truth.

Granted, it is hard to hear someone tell us to shake ourselves. It is hard to have someone act as a mirror and show your yourself when you are bent on believing you, and others, are solely the reason for your predicament. It’s important to realize that those that come to you in truth want to see you well, and prospering. Those that would be okay saying nothing tend to be those that stick around just to gain something from you.

Sisters it’s hard dealing with life challenges, but when we have a sister circle that loves us we must trust that love. Too many of us are walking around feeling alone, misunderstood and unloved. Sometimes that is not the case. We are loved, our circle does understand, but we do not like what they have to say about the given situation. This doesn’t give us the right to verbally assault women that truly care for us. Being loved is more than having people uplift you. We must understand that love endures, and it offers clarity. Those that love us will tell us the truth no matter what is happening.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

May connect with this sister over at Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/christian.pierre.9809 and also Twitterhttp://twitter.com/MrzZeta.

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