Monday, May 27, 2024

When To Leave the Gun Alone.

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( I admit to you I have never been anti-guns. I understand they can serve a purpose for personal protection and should be handled with the care they require. There is always a fierce battle in this country about gun laws, and the right to bear arms. Though owning a gun is a right in this country there needs to be more regulation in place. So many people are killed by guns; one can only wonder how many more children, and innocent adults, must have their lives cut short before we realize there is a serious problem with our gun laws.

If the government won’t do its job regarding regulations then we, the people, must do what we can in our own homes to help limit gun violence. The problem is a gun is a quick, potentially lethal, way of dealing with a situation. Its’s important to know, and understand, who you are before bringing a gun into your home. Sisters some of us should avoid them because the gun poses a threat to our very person. Being honest with yourself, despite what you want, could save your life.

If you are not regularly stable…maybe a gun is a bad idea. If you battle with anger, and rage issues…a gun could send you to prison. When you are battling with deep anxiety, depression, PTSD, and suicidal thoughts the gun becomes a danger to your life. Even when there is medication to try to regulate said conditions it takes time for them to kick in to calm you down. In the time it takes the medicine to take effect you could be on the verge of destroying your life…literally. No one wants to feel regulated, or be told what to do. However, there times when heading the warning could be lifesaving.

When dealing with the above mentioned its easy to feel no one loves you, your life doesn’t matter, and you will never be fulfilled in this life time. However, in most cases, that’s the truth as there are people that love you and they would be devastated by the loss of your life. Because its hard to see clearly when in these spaces a gun might not be a safe idea. You may be thinking you can die from overdosing on pills or other objects that could be used as a weapon. That’s true, however one of the quickest ways is to pull a trigger.

Lastly, I’m sure there are some sisters that battle with rage. Their situation goes beyond merely anger. In those spaces they may have become violent or contemplated becoming such. In that headspace you are not thinking about consequence…you are merely in the moment. If you own a gun with rage issues you now have the tools to act out on that rage. When you come to yourself the regret, and remorse of having injured or taken a life is a darkness you will have to life with.

There is a different between what you can do, and what you should do. If you know you are battling with conditions that make a gun a threat to your life, or deal with rage that could make the gun a threat to others…leave it alone. Guns are not the only means for protection. You wellness, safety and freedom must always be a priority.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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