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Sometimes He Lets You Win.

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( We are wise, intelligent, nurturing, and full of love. One thing we are not it always right. This may come as a very hard pill to swallow, but sometimes out men allow us to think we are right to avoid conflict. Pride, and ego, allows one to think they have the viable answer to everything uncontested. The problem shows itself as some of us believe the myth that you man is one of the children.

If we look at dealing with our kids we know what’s for them, and when they are minors, they are to follow our instructions without fail. This should not be the expectation one has of a man. Yes, there are times when he is wrong. Yes, there are men that can be absolutely stubborn whereby they feel everything they say is gospel. However, we must admit this for self, and acknowledge we too must work on stubbornness for the sake of having a successful relationship, and a peaceful home.

Seeing men as children, and expecting them to conform to your way doesn’t make you right. It is important in a relationship to give the same respect you e. Hypocrisy can destroy a home. You want your mind, and input to be respected by him…you must give him the same. Just because your man says “ok hunny”, to everything you say doesn’t mean you’re winning. Contrary to what we are made to believe…there are men out there that don’t like to argue.

Even if he knows he’s right about a matter, regardless of importance, some men will concede to stay clear of anger, and fighting. Unfortunately, some sisters know this, and use it to their advantage. However, you expect said man to engage in the affairs of the house, and be happy about it. Yet, he has no real voice in his own home. Deciding your way is right in every situation will cause a man to emotionally disconnect from his home…he will get to a point whereby he chooses to disengage since you are going to do as you see fit anyway. In this you rob yourself of a true partner, togetherness, and it can hinder intimacy.

Working together in fairness with equal exchange of ideas allows you and your man to come to the best decisions for you, and your family. Granted, in a lot of areas you very well may be right, but so will he. Realize, sometimes he does let you win. Here is no way for anyone to be right 100% of the time. If he has to admit to, and work on, not being stubborn so do we.

When the question is asked “what percentage are you right in your relationship” many women give themselves close to 100%, not all, but enough sisters have to realize that’s not the case unless you choose to be someone that knows absolutely nothing, and even then, as a human being that man will have input. If he’s right in a matter, or has a better suggestion it doesn’t harm you to admit such. It keeps you a partner with your man verses him being relegated to childhood status in a home whereby he is just as much adult as you. Working together must remain the focus verses needing to be right…as every discussion isn’t a debate to win.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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