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Siblings Shouldn’t Misuse Each Other.

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( Family can be a beautiful thing. They celebrate our triumphs, and comfort us in tragedy. It is indeed special when family can come together, be on one accord, and help each other in this crazy thing we call life. Having multiple children, siblings, is a wonderful blessing. As a parent you are allowed to see completely different faces, and personalities come from you. They are indeed precious each one in their own individual way. It is very important that siblings are taught to truly value each other. The oldest should not have to shoulder every responsibility while the youngest has none.

Boys, nor girls, should be catered to in a manner that allows either party to feel entitled. This may sound trivial, but how you raise your children will determine their interaction. They can love one another, but if not careful, the ones that were forced to be responsible run the risk of being taken advantage of those that were not. This unfortunate behavior does follow the children into adulthood.

When a child is allowed to grow up knowing that no matter what mess they make their older siblings will clean it up…they learn to love with conditions. They don’t feel as though they have to be responsible for themselves, nor their decisions in life. This behavior causes them to totally disregard the life challenges their siblings face. They don’t see life as something they can handle as an adult, and everyone, in their mind, is responsible for their happiness. Parents must be sure to hold all children accountable, and teach all of them responsibility for this can cause rifts in the family the parents may not live to see.

Siblings should not be taught they can take advantage of each other. They should not be taught to manipulate one another for gain. They are taught these behaviors by never having to carry their own weight in the family. This is detrimental to them personally, and as a member of a family as they will subconsciously teach their children the same lack of accountability.

When tragedy hits the family the sibling that takes will continue to do so despite the circumstances. This is their habit, and its hard to be supportive when you are the one that constantly demands support. This causes strife, as your children now have kids of their own. Your grandchildren run the risk of resenting the aunt, or uncle, that took from their parent during a tragic situation. Cousins will find themselves at odds as they defend their respective parent. The children of the sibling that takes won’t understand why they can’t tap the aunt, or uncle, that is going through a challenge because that has never mattered before.

The family can find itself on the brink of serious infighting, and discord all because siblings weren’t taught individual responsibility many years ago when they were just children in their parent’s house. How you rear your children today will have lasting effects on their sibling interaction, and on that of the children they will one day have. Siblings should never be allowed to misuse each other, but to always cherish and support one another with reciprocity. That makes for a strong family as it grows.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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