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Protective Hairstyles for Winter: Yarn Braids and Yarn Twists.

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( I have been wearing my hair natural (chemical free) for over 16 years and I have had a variety of hairstyles ranging from dreadlocs to micro braids, all the way over to afros and cornrows. While all these styles are gorgeous, provided you or your stylist has a touch of creative energy and talent, my favorite protective style has always been ‘yarn braids’.

I’ll explain…

Back in 2000, I tried yarn braids for the first time. This was during the time when women were spending $30+ for a bag of hair and my thick head required 3-4 bags on top of the $150+ the stylist charged to do the style. At 18 years old I just wasn’t about that life! I told my stylist, “I want to spend $100 or less”. She immediately took me to fabric store and showed me an array of colors that I could play with for my braids. I bought two bundles of yarn for less than $6 and she charged me $90 and in less than 5 hours, I was looking like Nova from Queen Sugar.

6 Reasons why yarn braids are a winner:

1.    You can shampoo, condition, and moisturize. Unlike with many braids, yarn braids are a style that looks even better after you shampoo, condition, and moisturize them. In fact, the better you care for your hair, the better your yarn braids will look and the more compliments you will get about have such “clean locs”. It is recommended that you shampoo and condition your hair every 7-10 days and moisturize them every other day or as needed.

2.    They look better as they age. Most weaves look like a death trap as they age and most onlookers might feel you should just cut the whole head off and start over. With yarn braids, as your new growth begins to come in, your braids look even more natural. Its as if they warp into dreadlocs after the first shampoo and condition session. They’re perfect for anyone who is curious how locs will look on them or for those who want to skip the start of locs phase.

3.    They become apart of you. I can not explain it but yarn braids have a way of conforming differently to everyone. It’s like your favorite shirt or jeans that fit you perfectly. Yarn braids work well for everyone! They’re great for children, athletes or anyone who sweats a lot, anyone looking to give their hair time to repair and grow, those working in the corporate sector where traditional braids may be frowned upon, and those who just want a quick, get up and go style. Yarn braids truly make life easier.

4.    They’re creative and playful. Those who desire a more natural look often sway towards all black or brown yarn braids. Those who want to take it up a notch will add burgundy, purple, blonde, and pretty much any other color you desire. Be sure to communicate with your stylist if you work in a corporate or natural hair color only environment but still want to add a little color to your life. Your stylist can show you ways to conceal the color at work and do the great reveal as you exit.

5.    They’re stylish. With yarn braids you have an endless array of styles and updo’s to play with. Just google dreadlocs or loc styles. With yarn braids, all those options are yours for the taking. My favorite thing about yarn braids is that they coat the hair like a sweater so it does not have a tight pull on the hair like weave may do. This makes it much easier and more comfortable to pin up in different styles without fear that you are damaging your hair.

6.    They’re affordable. Keep in mind that I paid $90 around 17 years ago and even to-date, you can have yarn braids for less than $150. While the prices of the yarn and the selection of colors will cause price variations, a bundle of yarn typically cost less than $6 and you usually need 2 bundles for a full head of yarn braids. Depending upon the length you desire, the price may increase slightly but the price is much friendlier on the pockets than buying weave. Plus yarn braids last longer and they look better over time..

The cold weather is upon us and it is hard enough pulling ourselves out of the warm, cozy bed in the morning. Yarn braids are definitely a style to get us through the winter and add 10 or 15 minutes of extra sleep to our day since we will not be in the mirror doing our hair. If you live in or around the Atlanta, Georgia area, The Look Entysin Glam Bar currently does yarn braids and can be found at Yarn braids are also popular in the northern states.

May your hair grow full and your mind be at peace,

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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