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Bury Your Past.

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( Some arguments have been going on for years, and you can see it’s not about to change. It’s time to move into a season whereby you choose you, and they mean abandoning your past. Granted there may be things in that past that are affecting your outlook on life, and its time to face them. PTSD is real, however its hard to move forward when you are not willing to admit it is something you have to face. There will be no “new you” in any year if you aren’t willing to lay certain pains, fights, and even relationships to rest. You can’t judge every new situation by the previous because you very well may miss out on the things, and person that is for you. Furthermore, you will find yourself doing to others something you may not be able to handle.

If you aren’t careful the past that you carry with you will become a mental prison that has limited visibility. Every man isn’t your ex,ever sister you meet isn’t the one that betrayed you, everyone doesn’t see you as less than, and there will be people in your life that will want you to succeed. You could be praying for the right kind of people in your life, but the question is are you prepared to receive them. You don’t want to make the mistake of going from the one that has been hurt to the one administering pain.

The guilt of that will weigh heavy on a heart already weighted in the past. In this same space you don’t want the people in your life to look at you as a victim, or someone that is emotionally helpless. Furthermore, you don’t want your very character judged by those in someone else’s past. In that moment its important not to fall into hypocrisy and selfishness.

Understand that you deserve peace, and happiness. You deserve love and support. You are valuable, and your past should not have the right to define how you view you. It is important that you lay your burdens down, because that is someone else in control. Choose YOU, and know you are more than enough. The price of your peace is tied to burying your past. Know that your resolve will be tested, and it won’t be an easy take…but it is the path to freedom. If you allow yourself to be manipulate by your past it can paralyze you to the point that you find yourself limiting your own goals and potential.

Carrying the past is like walking around with poison when you yearn to be strong, and well. It is very easy to get use to the past, and there is some apprehension with letting it go. The truth is you know it, and it knows you. However, there is a new horizon to embark upon, and it requires you to have the right to move without heaviness. You may always carry scars, but you don’t have to remain bound to the past that caused them. Give yourself the opportunity to reemerge into your greatness.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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