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The Importance of Voicing Your Political Opinion.

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(ThySistas.comAs people, we live in societies where we supposedly work towards ensuring that everyone is treated equally. The democratic systems that we operate in ensure that the will of the majority is always favoured. Now, democracy is brilliant. But it also assumes that the majority of people are fair, empathetic, and concerned for the well-being of each and every person within the system. Unfortunately, past elections around the world seem to have disproved that theory.

In the USA alone, the majority have voted in a President who mongers fear, encourages the creation of rifts between different social groups and has actively promoted prejudice. Now more than ever, many people are feeling neglected, ignored, and politically apathetic. It’s tempting to give up on the political system and bury your head in the sand. But in reality, you need to do the opposite. Now is a time when our voices should be heard louder than ever. When we should tackle hate and spread messages of positivity. So let your voice be heard! Here are a few ways to get your opinion out there.


The biggest step you can make to actively change the political system is to use your right to vote. Most of the time, the majority of us will only turn up to the big votes, such as the Presidential elections. There’s most likely not going to be another of these for awhile now. But there are other things that you can vote for. Stay up to date with local votes and make sure you engage! You can also keep an eye on developments that are making the voting system more secure in order to support them. A good place to start is Smartmatic, an app that authenticates your vote.

Social Media

Why should your social media feed be overrun with unfair, hate-filled comments? Sure, you may think that by sharing your views with your friends you’re preaching to the choir, or that contradicting the point of someone who is clearly prejudiced is merely fuelling an argument. But you have just as much right to get your point across as anyone else. You never know, you might open up space for healthy debate where everyone can leave with new information, alternative viewpoints and perhaps even altered opinions.


If you’re deeply moved by political causes, you can spare your social media feeds from constant lengthy posts and use a more appropriate platform for long text posts. A blog could be the perfect place to express your opinions. What’s more? It’s free for anyone anywhere to access, putting your opinions on a global scale. You’re also lucky enough to live somewhere where your freedom of speech and opinion is uncensored so you can get at whatever is stressing you out or causing you concern.

These are just a few ways to get your voice out there. However, talking is just one part of the process. Remember that while others can learn from you, you can also learn from them. Have patience, listen to what others have to say as they’re listening to you. This is how movements start, and general opinion changes for the better!

Staff Writer; Lisa Adams



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