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Workout the Cramps.

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( Going to the gym on a consistent basis can be a challenging task for many. As many of us prepare to go we are looking for reasons to stay in the bed, or work on another task. The truth is working out is a necessity, but it can take awhile for the act to become enjoyable. All of the benefits of exercise are present but there are some that can do without the soreness, and the sweating. With that being said, when that time of the month rolls around the gym faces a formidable foe. Menstrual cycles have been the source of pain, and sheer discomfort for many women is enough to keep them in the bed. At worst there are some women that have had to take a trip to the hospital behind menstrual pain.

First and foremost, if your pain and flow are both extreme it is understandable the you stay in bed, or follow your doctor’s orders. If you experience a pain that is more than back pain, and cramps definitely see your doctor because that could be a sign of something more serious.

It may sound crazy but fighting the cramps out of the bed, and into the gym, may help you get through your cycle with more ease. One may feel that exerting oneself is a bad idea, but the physical activity will give your body a relief. When you begin your warm up exercises you are literally warming up your body which will help relax the cramps. Think about it…one of the main items to assist with cramps is a heating pad. Allowing your body to warm up through exercise will achieve the same outcome. It is also important to note mind over matter tends to have a positive effect in this instance.

The release of endorphin’s while working out is a heaven sent as we know one’s mood isn’t the best during one’s cycle. Plenty of the menstrual medication over the counter, in addition to addressing pain, also lists irritability as a symptom the product relieves. So, hitting the gym at the start of the day would make it easier to get through the stress the day is sure to bring. Bloating can also be combated in the gym. As one works out, and sweats, they are shedding water. In this instance cardio can offer benefits in helping your clothes continue to fit normally during this time, and it assists in ridding you of the internal feeling produced by bloating. Every woman doesn’t experience a difficult menstrual cycle, but many do.

It’s a challenge, and you won’t want to go. However, if you could muster the strength to head to the gym when on your menstrual cycle you will find that your workout will help relieve you of some of your symptoms. During this time continuing to stretch is very important. The stretching helps relieve the pain and pressure you feel in your back. Allow the gym to be one of the necessities at that time of the month. You’ll be happy you braved how you were feeling, and made it to the gym.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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