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The Most Essential Factors You should Remember when Looking for Property.

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( Buying a new home is – for most of us – one of the greatest decisions and financial commitments we can make. It’s an investment in the future, and should be done with a lot of care and attention. Though first-time buyers may have all the best intentions in the world, it’s common for them to make mistakes that end up costing lots of money and bringing a great deal of frustration.

It doesn’t have to be that way, however – it’s all about making sure that the process of looking for that perfect home is done with logic and patience. It’s too important to rush into. Here are the most essential factors you should remember when looking for property.

Choose the area first

It’s easy to get caught up listing the requirements of the property – your budget, the number of rooms, the size of the kitchen, whether or not you need a garden, and so on – but it’s often wiser to choose the area and rough location first. The area in which you live can mean the difference between a happy and a disappointing lifestyle.

Think long-term

Most people end up living in the same property for a long time, so think about several factors before listing down your requirements:

  • You may need more space in the future
  • You can plan renovations down the line – you don’t need to handle them all at once
  • If you plan to have children, the proximity of schools and parks are advantages

It gets easier

More often than not, the largest expenses are made within the first few years; it gets easier after that. Your income may rise if you have a stable job, and your mortgage will stay the same. Also, after a few years, most important renovations and furniture acquisitions will have been done. Keep that in mind, as confirmed by the experts from

Insist on the basics

The colours of the walls can be changed, and the lawn can be reorganised, but it’s a lot harder to increase the floor area, widen the hallway, or rebuild awkwardly-shaped rooms. Think about those things which you may not be able to change – insist on those basic requirements.

It’s essential to understand that you should look at the home as a financial investment first before imagining actually living there. Ask yourself: if I have to sell the house after five or ten years, will I turn a decent profit? Whilst this may not be your primary concern, it’s important at least to be aware of it – to have a good idea of how the value of the home is likely to evolve over time. If you see yourself living happily in that property and it makes sense from an investment perspective, then you may have found the perfect home.

Staff Writer; Latasha Love

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