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Marital Rape & Rape Culture.

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( Marital rape is defined as the act of sexual intercourse with one’s spouse without the consent of the other spouse. Now nothing surprised me more than when I logged onto my laptop and came across a news article about marital rape being the social norm and allowed in places such as Ghana, India, Nigeria, Jordan, and Tanzania to name a few. What is even more sickening is that laws in Ghana state that “consent given by husband or wife at the time of marriage, for the purposes of marriage cannot be revoked”, basically stating that you are a possession to your spouse.

It is so shocking that in this day and time women are still victims to the system, we are seen as property of a man. We are expected to cook, clean, take care of the house, please the man, give him babies and so on, but what about our fulfillment in life? For decades women have been denied fair treatment while that is one thing but forcing someone into sex just because you’re married is just heinous. Marriage doesn’t grant ownership to the body of a woman, we are still beings free to make our own decisions, with our bodies while not being forced.

By criminalizing those convicted of marital (spousal) rape then not only does it punish rapists but also protects those women in abusive relationships as well. While spousal rape is illegal in the United States some states such as Ohio and Oklahoma handle it differently, they still allow it to a certain degree. In Ohio, you must use force, a threat, or a weapon on a victim in order to be prosecuted. While in Oklahoma, if you are a resident you can penetrate a drugged or sleeping woman without it being considered rape. The world we live in is so disgusting and cruel to women, those who keep the world going without women who would reproduce?

I blame society for creating rape culture, and making it more acceptable and allowing so many people to get away with such a horrific act. I don’t know about you but think about this why are we always telling women how to dress and what is appropriate so they don’t get attention from men in a sexual aspect but why should I have to dress differently to make sure no one tries to take advantage against my will? Society has made it acceptable for disgusting things to happen to women, and then antagonize the woman as if it was her fault.

With the “oh what were you wearing or doing to make them target you” or “what did you do to provoke these actions”? How disgusting is it that when a victim reports rape she is made to feel as if it is her fault on top of that she has to replay the mental images of her own attack. We have to stop blaming our women but instead educate our men, let them know its simple no means no.

Staff Writer; Myra Moore

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