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Relaxed Edges with Natural Hair.

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( There are various kinds of edge control products, and many natural sisters have a hard time finding one that will truly lay one’s edges down. Many seem to be able to handle their hair having a mind of its own, but when it comes to the edges it can be argued that many them to have an unreal expectation. Granted, some sisters tend to find the product that works on the edges, while others have to use product in conjunction with scarves and such. There seems to be some sisters that refuse to deal with the hassle of laying their edges so they simply relax them.

Yes, they chemically relax the edges down while leaving the rest of the hair natural. Of course, as with just about every subject regarding hair, this tends to be a source of contention in the natural hair community. There are some sisters that rant if you relax those edges you aren’t natural anymore. Basically, it’s all natural or nothing. Other sisters will defend ones right to do as they please with their hair while mentioning that coloring one’s hair is also chemical usage, so no one should throw stones.

Unfortunately, the battle of whose truly natural, or not, is one we may have with us always. The more important concern is the health of one’s hair. If you decide to relax your edges you should be aware of the damage that awaits your hair. One of the headaches of transitioning, from relaxed to natural, is the battle of the demarcation line. We all know the demarcation line, where the natural and relaxed hair meet, is very fragile. For many it is the source of breakage as it requires so much care, and a very tender touch. Handling the two textures becomes a bit easier to manage as the natural hair gets longer.

Well, when you simply relax your edges you are re-introducing the demarcation line to your hair. Even though you tend to keep the edges relaxed the point whereby it meets the natural hair is still fragile, and can cause breakage. Furthermore, it’s a bit difficult to merely relax the front without that chemical coming into contact with more of your hair than you intend. That could spell damage in more areas of your hair than you can imagine. The edges of the hair are sensitive and prone to breakage when we aren’t careful.

Another thing to consider is styling. When we style the hair, we do put pressure on the edges. Relaxing just your edges while wearing natural hair styles could over time pull out your relaxed edges. It may look great when you first begin the process, and your edges are laid, but over time you may notice the thinning and breakage. Given that damage could be occurring in the front of your hair, hence it is visible, that can have a negative effect on one’s self confidence.

When deciding what to do with one’s hair consider the health of your hair, and why it’s necessary that your edges lay perfectly. If it’s merely a preference you may find it easier to choose the health of your hair. However, if perfect edges play a part in how you feel about your natural hair that is something you may want to give serious thought. Styles come and go, but the health of your hair, and how you feel about it, should always be a priority.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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