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Common Age-Related Issues That Can Affect Young Sisters Too.

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(ThySistas.comEvery woman knows that with time her body will change and maybe lose its shape, its firmness and some of its functions. You’ve seen elderly people, and you know that they are not as fit, strong and healthy as you are. But even though you may know the natural evolution of the body over time, life might have some bad surprises for you. Sometimes your body experiences the degeneration of natural functions before the agreed time for natural evolution has come.

Help, my hair is thinning/ falling out

Can there be anything worse than a bad hair day? Well, imagine your hair thinning and even falling out. There are two main reasons for women to think of hair loss despite a young age, and it’s either medication or illness. But what happened if you’re not struggling with any of these? Thankfully, there are a lot of helpful courses of action to tackle hair loss or hair thinning problems. As most women use a combination of products to get ready every day, it’s possible that some of these products may be harmful to your hair. Your lifestyle can also have a severe effect on your hair health, from the vitamins you consume to how hydrated you keep during the day.

Sorry? I can’t hear you

If you thought that hearing loss could only touch seniors, then you may need to think again. If you’re prone to adrenalin sports or heavy partying, it’s very probably that your habits might damage your inner ear or your eardrum. In other words, you may find yourself adjusting to hearing aids from a very young age. While you can’t train your hearing back, hearing aids can be very discreet and give you your life back in no time. There’s no shame, and you don’t need to tell anyone if you don’t want to; they won’t notice!

Ouch, my knee hurts

Knee pain is never fun, but it can feel a lot worse than it is if you need to be active all day to keep on top of your work and social life. It can be devastating too, as for a lot of women, knee pain is something that only happens to old people. Well, here you go: Knee pain happens to everyone and especially young and fit people. From harmful fitness moves to wearing high heels, there are plenty of bad lifestyle choices that can cause handicapping knee pain in a young body.

Your hormones are all over the place

Irregular periods, mood swings, loss of appetite, do these sound like typical menopause complaints? So, you can imagine that a woman in her 20s or 30s should be worried if she experienced any of these! In fact, hormonal imbalance is at the core of these issues. But the production of hormones is not just reacting to your age. It also reacts to your diet, level of stress, use of birth control pills and even to environmental chemicals. Clearing out your life from the damaging factors can help you to regain stability.

Your body is a finely tuned machine that can go out of sync very easily. Your lifestyle choices are often the reason behind some of your complaints. The bottom line is: Look after yourself and your body will look after you.

Staff Writer; Lisa Love

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