Monday, May 27, 2024

Creating Positive Sister Circles.

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( It is clear that the best way to save our communities is to turn inward. There is strength in community when we have common ground. Black women must realize that, in conjunction with black men, we are all we have. One way that we can fight injustice, and create a support system is to organize sister circles. These groups can meet collectively to address community issues, and to support one another in areas. Social media is also an avenue by which the sisterhood can be strengthened. We see so much negativity, and bashing of black women, from others and one another on social media. It would be great to use the space as an arena to come together and genuinely uplift each other.

I was taught that community interaction has always been heavily influenced by women. Creating sister circles would allow women of like interest, and values to come together and support one another. Sometimes, you can’t get to your biological family, or you may not be close to your family but you should never feel as though you are alone in the world.

Creating a network of women that can build each other up also all a way to help keep each other safe. We must do a better job of being our sisters keeper. There is no reason why a black woman should be at a party, in the club, at a conference or any large venue event alone. We live in dangerous times ad far too often our sisters are assaulted, raped and even manipulated in feeling they must give of themselves in a dangerous manner. Having a circle of women you trust could help you stay alive

As we embark upon life as mothers, and spouses we can use all the support we can get. Furthermore, sister circles can also build community for our children as they come up with kids they know, and additional elders they can trust. Being a mother is an honored gift, but it is also a difficult job. It is good to have women in the circle with varying degrees of experience that can offer knowledge to one another. They can also help moms deal with the anxiety and stress of different levels of motherhood. There is a pregnancy stage that comes with different experiences.

However, the mom with the toddlers needs a different kind of support verses the mom with teenagers. It’s also been said that once a mom’s kids go off to college some of them need assistance getting back to themselves. The sisters are there for each other through every stage. Marriage definitely has its different phases, and it’s good to have women there that are supportive on you, and of your marriage. They can be there for you when ill treatment or hard times show themselves. These same women will also be honest with you when the fallout is on you. The bottom line is again, you are not alone.

As women, we must come together and keep each other lifted. The sister circle doesn’t have to be a larger group, but one where the women can actually bond. As these women have a positive impact on each other this will have a positive impact on the community.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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