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Children of Music: How to Grow Their Talents Without Being Pushy.

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(ThySistas.comIt can be tempting to go all out when you notice signs of a talent in your child – particularly an artistic talent. Schools are fantastic for teaching us the basics and making sense of the world around us, but maybe not that great for training the next Mozart of our time. So how can you, as a parent give your child the tools and interest to succeed with their music lessons?

You want them to grow up to be successful little adults, but pushing them too far may also have its downside. Here is a handful of ways you can keep that passion for music burning and trigger an interest for it that goes beyond the beats.

Find their kind of instrument

First of all, it’s important to give your child an instrument they’re likely to enjoy and understand. Try to borrow one from their school or sign them up for music lessons first where they get to practice on one before investing in an instrument – they’re kind of expensive, you know.

Violins are popular options as they come in small and nifty sizes, perfect for children to learn, while pianos lay a nice foundation for reading music. If your child has decided that playing the violin is what he really wants, there are a lot of beginner violin you can choose from. Renting one is of course a more practical option for beginners but having your own instrument makes for a solid commitment to practice and stick with the lessons.

Don’t push it on them

Many parents feel at a loss after noticing a love for music in their children, as they seem unable to make them stick to their music lessons and understand the theory behind it. Don’t push them; sit back and observe instead, assist them when they need help, and let them go if they don’t find it interesting.

Your child will gravitate towards a deeper understanding of music on their own. Let them keep their love for the beats without pushing the theory, and they might find back to it on their own. Give them the music they like listening to, introduce them to the magic of vinyl on VinylVintage, and make sure the experience stays positive while they’re still young.

Much research has proven that children are not developmentally able to reflect on their future until they’re in middle-school, in any way, and by nagging them now, you may be pushing them a bit too far.

But be pushy at the right times

Being a parent is confusing, and nurturing your child’s talents is no different. It can sometimes be tempting to give up when it gets challenging, and children are not always cognitively up to date on when it’s alright to give up  – and when we should keep moving forward.

If you suspect that your child may be able to continue his or her lessons, and you know that the interest is still there, it could be a good idea to have a word with their music teacher. A coach or a teacher is often able to motivate your child and may know the right tricks to trigger their interest again – and they are more likely to get them over the hump.

Remember to step back if you realize that they’re not genuinely interested in continuing with the learning, though. It can be a fine line to balance on, and a word with their music teacher is a good idea before you try to encourage them yourself.

Staff Writer; Keisha Ross


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