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My Anger Towards Feminism is Growing.

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( Right now, it seems as if our country is erupting with anger, confusion, and pain. However, it also seems as though we are not seeing enough people try to understand the true problem of race in America. Women are a group in this country that have a powerful voice, but we can’t seem to stand together. As women, we are not merely divided by class; we are seriously divided by race. Let me acknowledge that every white woman is not racist.

There are white women that truly have stood with black women against injustice in this country, and we call them sister. With that being said, that number is not the majority by far. Must I remind you white woman played a very vital part in the election of the current president. Were they thinking about women when they made that choice at the pools? I don’t mean just black women…Trump offended ALL women, and yet they were able to stomach voting for him.

The above reminder is necessary in light of what we are dealing with regarding protesting injustice. You see, when Colin Kaepernick took that knee against police brutality he not only stood up for those that had been killed unjustly. He may not have known it but he also took a stance for the mothers that have had stand over the body of their baby. We have seen the power of women coming together to protest…we saw it as Trump was settling into office.

As women…as mothers how could some of these women set their mouth to talk to us about respecting the flag, and the anthem? How is it that they, feminist or not, prioritized a flag and anthem over the life of our children. So many black women from the founding of this country to now have mourned as their children were killed under the very flag. How is it a mother doesn’t understand what is driving the protest?

Feminism is increasingly angering me because there is no true solidarity among it. The bottom line is there are women that want to rest and rise under the blanket of white male privilege, but want me to stand with them when said white male wants them silent. When Trump decided to call kneeling NFL players SOBs he literally disrespected every mother of every player. Black women have had to deal with so many hardships in this country, and now the so-called leader of the free world wants to call them a b*tch.

Where are the women, feminists, that are outraged by the words and behavior of the president? Are we going to march against his actions? This isn’t overreaching at all…there are women that have blazed social media with fiery rhetoric as they explain why the flag, of which is soaked with the blood of its citizens, is more important than women standing together so say no more mothers should have to scream on the back end of the unjust murder of their child. There is no good time to protest when you are black in this country. I can no longer concern myself with the uncomfortable feeling of white women that refuse to truly acknowledge the suffering of black women. If you won’t stand with us for our people…why are we standing with you?

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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