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Help Your Son Become a Good Man.

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( I love my son. To me, he is the most precious little boy in the world. Watching him grow and discover is a wonder to me. As much as I love him I realize that part of my loving him is teaching him how to become a good person. I can’t teach him to be a man, but I can validate the man he becomes. As mothers, it is important to realize we have to be able to tell our son no. It’s important to help instill the value of human life, and that of a woman. Sons learn such, in part, by watching their parents live.

They will understand the strength and importance of a woman by observing their mother. With that being said the biggest mistake many of us make is coddling our sons, hence stripping them of accountability. Too many of us spoil them rotten, and rotten is indeed what they become. How is it someone’s precious baby boy grows up to be ungrateful, disrespectful to their mom, treats women harshly, and has no regard for his children?

Fathers play a very important role in the manhood of his son. However, he can be there and try to mold him, but if the mother interceded in a manner that removes accountability she is not helping her son. There comes a time when a young boy does have to face his father, and stand accountable and we must let it happen. It is important for our sons to understand the value of hard work…that means we can’t hand them everything they want. When our little boys try to test the respect line they must be made to understand that is not tolerated. We can’t scold our son then hug on him in the same moment. He must have the time to think about what caused his reprimanded. That leads to the fact that our son is not our man…nor our primary man.

Many marriages have been torn apart by mothers that protect and condone the disrespect their sons give them, and their father. No true man is going to allow his son to behave in a manner that is beneath how he has been raised. No husband is going to tolerate his son disrespecting his wife. We must realize these situations can be avoided. However, it starts when our son is the precious little boy that makes us smile. His understanding of order, responsibility, consequence and accountability must begin when he is a small boy. We must allow good fathers to train up their sons, and we must train up that boy right along with dad.

It is important to balance love and affection with discipline and a stern resolve. One day your son will be someone’s beloved, husband, and father. It is never okay to shield your son from his responsibilities as a man. If he’s not a good significant other or father yes you must call him on it. As parents, we must remind our children, even when they are adults, that we raised them to be better people. If your grandchild is crying to you that their father doesn’t love them that’s a problem. No, you may not be able to change it, but you must address it. At least that child, or spouse, will know his mother does not condone his wayward abusive behavior. Some men would be much better for it if their mother would speak truth to them sparing no feelings. They must hear from more than just their father. As mothers, we validate the man our sons become.

It’s important that we help them become good men. Father’s must consider the same situation when it comes to their daughters. As parents we must train and assist our children in becoming people of strong positive character. The process won’t always feel good. Mom there will be days you will cry, but the payoff is worth the discomfort that can come with parenting a child. We owe it to our sons to see them be their best person.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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