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What’s The Biggest Home Wrecker? It’s Money.

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(ThySistas.comEveryone is quick to jump to conclusions. So, when a couple you know splits up, it’s easy to assume infidelity. People outside of a relationship are home wreckers, but they aren’t the biggest cause of breakups. According to, the title goes to money and poor communication. A whopping 43% of people studied failed because they couldn’t resolve conflict, and it all came back to finances. If this sounds too close to home, it is time to be proactive for the sake of your relationship.

The following are the four ways to prevent money coming between you and your partner.

Discuss Skeletons In Closet

Let’s not pretend that we are all saints who have never done anything wrong. From credit card debt to student loans, everyone has financial demons. And, because you are about to burden them on another person, it’s vital to discuss them. It’s not easy, and it is painful, but it’s the right thing to do. A loved one will only resent the fact that your debt is what is holding the relationship back if it is a surprise. At least by being open, they can deal with the shock. Plus, lying isn’t a great way to start off a fledgling romance.

Understand Their Mindset

As it’s rare to find a person without debts, you will have to make a transition too. Dealing with their arrears on top of yours isn’t a simple task for one reason: differing approaches. Opposites attract, and couples at different ends of the spectrum can end up fighting about what method to use. You might like to browse and find the easiest way to merge debts. But, they might like to micromanage their arrears to save money on interest rates. The method of choice isn’t important. What is essential is that you come to a compromise.

Get In Sync

You have come together as a couple, so now it’s time to merge your financial aspirations. Every individual has goals they want to hit, such as saving for a house or a wedding. The trick is to make sure that both you and your partner’s targets are the same. Otherwise, a split will form and it’s hard to repair. To do this, check-in with each other at regular intervals. Ask them are they still okay to save for a property or have their interests changed. If you both sing from the same hymn sheet, it will be happy days.

The B-Word

Yes, it isn’t sexy or romantic, but it’s necessary. A budget is the best way to keep your finances in check according to Why? It’s because the B-word keeps track of your income and expenditures. With this info, it isn’t difficult to glance at your finances and see whether they are in good shape. One reason couples argue over money is a lack of trust. With a budget, trust is inevitable because expenditures are in black and white for both to see.

Money is a hot topic for couples, yet this advice should help you with any financial woes.

Staff Writer; Carla Hall



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