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Relationships: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

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(ThySistas.comIt’s fair to say that a lot of marriages and partnerships end up in the trashcan these days. Modern life has seen massive increases in the divorce rates, and there’s a fifty-fifty chance it could happen to you at some point. There are several reasons why these rates are on the up, from different attitudes to marriage through to changes in the law, but ultimately it seems we are all too quick to pull the trigger. That’s not to say that separation is a no-go, however, and of course, there will be cases where it’s for the best. But before you sever your ties, there are a few things to consider. Should you stay or should you go? Let’s take a closer look.


Let’s get this one out of the way first – under no circumstances should you stick around if there is any kind of abuse in your relationship. It’s not just physical harm we are talking here, either. It’s name-calling, manipulation, belittling, and any other type of mental abuse you can imagine. Things won’t change, and you need to get out – and you should consider contacting your local police department if you feel endangered.


This one is tricky: while constant arguing is always going to be detrimental to your relationship, there could be something simple underlying all of it. Solving this one problem could well save your relationship. However, it’s also clear that fighting all the time is no good for you, your partner, or your kids. And if you can’t resolve the source of the anger, it’s probably best to move on.


Many people who experience infidelity will see it as the ultimate betrayal – and will get on the phone to a divorce lawyer within the hour. However, is it always the sensible thing to do? Sure, you feel total loss of trust, but are you prepared to end it all for a silly fling that ultimately means nothing to your partner? Serial infidelity is another matter entirely, of course, but many relationships can get through a single incident of cheating, and as long as you are both prepared to work towards a solution, there’s no reason why yours can’t either.

Losing the spark

Every relationship has its ups and downs, and there will be times when you feel you are lacking chemistry. But this doesn’t have to be a permanent state of being. It does, however, require a little work. Many couples split up when the romance fizzles out, but there is plenty you can do to rekindle the old passionate flames. Go on a date once a week. Take a vacation away together. Write a love letter, or buy your partner a special gift. Sure, it might not work, and the relationship could be at the end of the line – but at least you have tried to make it work.

As you can see, even when you think your relationship is ending, it might not be the case. Unless you are severely unhappy or facing abuse of any kind, working on your relationship properly is always worth a shot – not just for you, but also for your kids. Good luck!

Staff Writer; Sherry Ford

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