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Winterizing Your Hair Routine.

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( It’s that time again. You know, when you look at your hair routine and update it according to the season. If this is something that you’ve never heard of or something that you know about but don’t do, you owe it to yourself to start changing up the products, the way you do your hair and more according to the change in weather. When it comes down to it, especially for naturals, it’s just good practice.

One of the most beneficial things you can do for your hair is know it inside and out. This means understanding what works for you and what doesn’t – Your porosity, how often you should wash it, how often you should moisturize it and the list goes on. Because the change in seasons brings about changes in the elements that can affect your tresses, you need to act accordingly.

Today, we are going to talk about how to winterize your hair, because the coldest months of the year can truly be the harshest.

Deep Conditioners

This is a process that too many women don’t do often enough. Deep conditioning is paramount to the overall health of your hair because it adds back much-needed nutrients that your hair may have lost for one reason or another. The best thing is to find a product that you like, it can be one for deep conditioning specifically or just one that your hair responds to well, and sit under a dryer with a shower cap on. This allows the hair shaft to be penetrated properly and opens your pores.

Protective Styling

Most black women think that summer is the only time during the year when it matters. But believe it or not, the winter is just as much an ideal time to take advantage of protective styling. A lot of folks think that using more heat in winter is okay too, but it’s not. Heat on your head at any time during the year can be damaging. Go with a nice protective hairstyle that can last you a few weeks in the winter because the less you have to “deal” with your hair the better.


It may be a new concept to some women, but pre-pooing is a much need process in the whole hair care routine thing. This is usually done with a good oil or oil mixture the night before. Coating your hair in healthy oils, whether olive, coconut or your own concoction, gives it a layer of protection from the stripping that can sometimes happen with shampooing. Here too you can sit under a dryer or use a heating cap.

Seal Your Hair

In the winter, you want to trap moisture in as best you can. The dry weather can do a number on your hair, so be sure to use a sealing agent to get the job done.  A sealant creates a barrier between the elements and your hair. Shea butter or a nice thick oil should suffice.

I know that it seems like it may be unnecessary, but I promise you winterizing your hair routine will only serve to benefit you in the long run.

Staff Writer; Rasheda Abdullah

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