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We Have the Power to Change.

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( There is a person that you see when you look in the mirror. You greatly want to be her. You see yourself getting that promotion, finishing school, living healthier, and happy with your life. As you stare in the mirror you blink only to realize you feel like your life doesn’t have purpose, so many ventures in your life are incomplete, and you are the furthest from happy. This state can cause depression, you may feel you should withdraw from loved ones…you may even contemplate substance abuse. Though it may sound cliché it’s important to know you have the power to turn your life around.

Before you give up on the life you want take a moment to write down all the things you want to accomplish. Your feelings are important, and valid because you feel them. With that being said you may want to acknowledge said feelings, and then set them aside. It’s very hard to make a plan to turn your life around when your feelings are running the meeting. Taking the time to gather your thoughts can help you with focus, and direction. Once you write down what you want for your life you must acknowledge what you have accomplished on that list, what is underway, and what you have yet to start. Seeing what you want on tangible paper is a start in the right direction.

We can agree that goals require work in order to become a reality. There is a space in getting one’s life in order whereby you will have to possibly face some hard truth. When you take control of your situation you then have the power to enact change in your life. This will mean facing inconsistencies, and difficulties you have endured.

You must acknowledge when you have been wronged and hurt, but you must also owe times whereby you got in your own way. In life we make mistakes, and pain can set us back so don’t beat on yourself. Realize that you will need consistency to reach your goals. Without consistency, and discipline completing tasks in a manner that will elevate you won’t happen.

Changing requires work, but before you work you must decide. Concrete decisions help propel you forward. Even if you stumble along the way you have made a choice that governs your journey. Life is a journey that can change direction hence why it’s worth saving. It is important to understand that joy, and happiness are not as much based on feelings it is more based on decisions. You must decide that you want, and will, be happy. You will grab a hold of joy, and anchor yourself in an internal peace that allows you to stay balanced even in challenging times.

When all we see is every mistake, and negative choice we’ve ever made, when this is the focus, life seems dark and without hope. You have the power to have the life you desire. Sometimes you can do this on your own, but if you need help getting your life on track do what is necessary to receive that help. What others think of you is a non-factor; your happiness and growth has to be the focus.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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