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Sistas, Your Next Career Move Should Be To Reduce Education Costs.

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(ThySistas.comDid you know that out of state students have to pay $21,000 in tuition? Even if you didn’t know this stat, it might seem relevant anyway. After all, you’re out of education and in the working world. But, the truth is that knowledge is the key to success, especially for minorities. Seeing as opportunities for black women aren’t getting any better, formal education is one way to level the playing field. At least, it was until the cost jumped by 179%. Who does this hit hardest? No prizes for guessing the black community. However, there is a silver lining because it is possible to cut costs with these tips.

Go To An In-State College

Although out of state students have to cough up some serious dough, it gets better for the locals. On average, they only have to pay $9,000 for tuition each year. For a one year course, this is a potential saving of $13,000 which can be multiplied depending on the length of course. Yes, the establishment of your dreams might not be in the state where you call home. However, an amount like this is hard to turn down. If you are already working, this tip makes both monetary and common sense.

Study At Night

Another great tip is to enroll in an online course. Not only are they cheaper, but some are free. So, if money is an issue, there is no reason to worry because you only have to cover your expenses. And, if you think the quality is bound to be lower, you would be surprised. For starters, there is a variety of course from a lean course online to leadership and teamwork classes. Of course, the traditional classes are available, too, so the choice is wide-ranging.

Work And Earn

For the sistas who are in full-time employment, just carry on the good work. For those of you that want to go into full-time education, don’t forget about finding a part-time job. There is no doubt that working and studying at the same time is a difficult balancing act. However, a steady paycheck is the best way to reduce the cost of education. With money coming in, there is cash to put toward things such as tuition fees and house costs. Plus, you can use a 529 to cut your tax contributions and save even more.

Get A Low-Interest Loan

Nope, don’t head to the bank because “low-interest” and “bank” don’t belong in the same sentence. What you need is a federal or state loan which is designed for students with money issues. It is known as Federal Student Aid, and it might be available to you. All you have to do is fill out an application and wait for a response. Otherwise, a part or full scholarship could be your only option to reduce education costs. Unfortunately, they are fiercely competitive and hard to secure.

Quite simply, reducing the cost of education increases the chances of career progression.

Staff Writer; Lisa Short

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