Monday, May 27, 2024

Execution over Excuses.

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( Many of us can relate to the practice of doing entirely too much talking, and not enough working. We can also agree that procrastination is detrimental. Thinking about the time you’ve wasted on reaching your goal can be very disheartening. It’s like “Wow I really let valuable time pass by.” What were you doing with that time? Even still as your mind starts to ponder time value you realize you’ve wasted more time doing absolutely nothing. We have special gifts and talents and if we took the time to perfect them… many of our problems could be avoided. You are capable of achieving your dreams, however far too often you make every excuse in the book as to why you can’t get it done. The fact of the matter is simple…you spent to much time over thinking, not feeling like it, and fearing you would fail. Excuses, excuses, and more excuses.

Regardless of how, or why, you justify your lack of movement it’s still an excuse. Far too often we continue to put things off with an excuse coming behind it. Forming the habit of not being productive is detrimental to every dream and goal you have. It hinders not only you, but also your family. The thing is we wouldn’t dare play with our jobs… we can’t call into work every weekend with the intentions of giving our boss an excuse and expect to have a job. So why do we lack the same diligence when it comes to our talents, passions, and gifts? We give a job forty hours a week which rounds up to about two thousands plus hours a year. Out of a seven day week the average working person is only off two days. Are our dreams not worth the two days personal time to work on? What’s the excuse when we’re off? Rest is very important, and it should be valued for the sake of our health. With that being acknowledged…there will have to be sacrifices made for the sake of our goals. This is where grind modes comes into play.

In this day and age money is being made in simple ways and having the right connections is a bonus…being that it is a mixed formula… what you know… who you know… or how well do you stand out. How can we possibly get to the connects if we aren’t willing to connect? Its important not to fall into the routine of just wanting to lounge around the house on our days off, or shopping while spending no time on ones dreams. For someone like myself, I have an excuse every time something in my life doesn’t get done. I have mastered that. I have mastered something that can do much harm to my future, and my well-being. I can’t continue to allow this to happen.

Many of us are not mentally, physically, or spiritually disciplined enough to fall into routine. In fact, routine often shy us away from our goal… simply because of excuses. Once we get into the habit of letting go of excuses and actually executing the work… we will find ourselves motivated as we experience progress. Excuses are scapegoat for us; instead of owning the true reason why a task didn’t get done we simply formulate an excuse.

It is time to take back what is ours. Corporate America has us programmed. In the year of 2017 no one should be living pay check to pay check… there are too many ways to make money. Many people will stay stuck in rotation all because of excuses. They fear stepping out on faith, scared to leave the nest, or scared to take that risk. What do you have to lose when you are living pay check to pay check. The government is already taking most our money, and yet our time is still the same. What are we waiting for? It is time to ditch the excuses and start executing.

Staff Writer; Sha’Nelle V. Harris

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