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Our Babies Only Matter to Us.

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( Black lives matter to the women that give birth to them. They may be deemed as a harsh statement, but the truth of what we are living is indeed harsh. We don’t stop being a mother when our children become adults. The natural order of life is we are not to bury our children…they are to bury us. It doesn’t matter whether your child is gunned down at 12, 25, 36 or 50…that is still your baby and their life…their blood matters. We are constantly reminded when we look at the news that the life of our children is expendable. One would think that a mother would understand the pain of another mother.

Feminists can march in droves to protest legislation against their vaginas, but we can’t seem to get the same response when our children are dying. Do not women…of all colors bare life? Are not the lives of your children just as important, if not more, as fighting for equal pay? Black women were left holding the bag on election day, and the same occurs when our children are gunned down by law enforcement.

It is time to finally come to terms with the bottom line…the lives of our children are not seen as a part of the future in the general grand scheme of things. The lives of our children only matter to us…the spilling of their blood is criminal and inhumane to us. There is no point is trying to compare this loss to community violence, because EVERY community is likely to face violence from their own. Those that are paid to protect the citizens of said city kill the citizens whose lives are not seen as important. This is a problem, and we must own this truth. No, not every police officer is responsible…but too many are silent about the loss of human lives…about the breaking of the law by those sworn to uphold and protect such.

Since we understand this we must act upon what we know for the sake of our children. None of this is fair but in the time, it takes us to argue fair more of our children will die. Parents must take a stand and take total responsibility for the rearing, and protection of our children. This means building communities whereby we can police our children and the streets they play on. This means actually getting to know your neighbors…hence building bonds within community. Even those of us that don’t have children must begin to see all the children as our own.

It is unfair, but every party the kids are invited to can’t be attended. We can’t just drop our children off and leave them at functions anymore. Too much is happening to them that we don’t witness. No, we can’t be everywhere and so many of us must work…but we must find a way to be in more places. To a degree we must become over protective…while being sure to instill them with a value system that should keep them off the police radar. This means they must be taught to flee trouble, so that if injustice should find them at least they have clean hands. We shouldn’t have to prepare as if badges kill our babies, but we must adjust according to the reality of the world we live in. The lives of all children should matter to that of everyone in this country, but it is clear the lives of black children matter solely to us.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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