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Spiritual Benefits of Exercise.

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( “From pain comes strength. From the negative comes the positive.  Relish in this strength and nurture it.  It will take you through the great fire and pull you up to the higher path.” ~ Babaji

We all know how important exercise is. Unfortunately, the majority of us are still only interested in exercising when we have a desire to look or dress differently or after we’ve manifested some type of disease or illness into our body. Exercise is not solely about our physical appearance, in fact exercise helps to benefit the mind and inner-self as a whole. Science has been studying some of them for well over a century, if not longer.

Exercise has many positive benefits for our spiritual selves. Some of the ways that exercise can benefit those of us walking on a spiritual path:

1.      A Sense of Purpose. Physical activity gives us an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and gets us outside of ourselves. In my opinion, exercise opens the mind and clears the path for us to receive answers to problems or defeat any obstacle that comes our way. This adds purpose to our existence and enhances our sense of well-being as we being to feel different, experience more flexibility in our bodies and in our lives, and see our physical and mental strength increase. Mowing someone’s lawn or volunteering to clean a park are just two ways to get in a good exercise session while helping others.

2.      Strength to Resist Temptation. By committing to an exercise program, you begin to program your mind and body to respond to you rather than fighting against. This commitment helps to increase your discipline and self-control which gives you the strength necessary to resist any temptation. Lack of exercise or beneficial activity frees up time for us to indulge in less virtuous pursuits. When we exercise on a regular basis we find that it helps strengthen our character and it makes it easier to stay away from things that do not have a positive effect on our life.

3.      Brain Power. Exercise helps to improve cognition because exercise increases oxygen flow into the brain, which reduces brain bound free radicals. Exercise helps memory and thinking, in addition to improving our mood and sleep. You will find that exercise reduces stress and anxiety.

4.      Increased Energy. Researcher Patrick O’Connor, PhD said “A lot of times when people are fatigued, the last thing they want to do is exercise, but if you’re physically inactive and fatigued, being just a bit active will help.”

Today is the day to begin shifting your life and perspectives in a positive route. Let go of anything that has been prohibiting you from feeling confident about your physical and spiritual development.


Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

333rd Eye Healing Temple

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