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5 Keys to Creating Harmony in Romantic Partnerships.

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( Relationships make up a large portion of our significant life experiences. Our romantic relationships help to nurture our body, help us heal on a soul level, and teaches us many important lessons. When we are in a relationship, we are able to see and understand ourselves through the eyes of another person while experiencing love, forgiveness, compassion, and gratitude.

Below are five tips that will help you learn some of your important life-lessons and create harmonious relationships:

1.      Get on the same page. Make sure the two of you are working towards the same goals and holding the same vision for your relationship. This gives your relationship something to stand on aside from love. When we are in a partnership and the only goal is to be a in a relationship and love one another, we often lose ourselves in blurred lines. When our relationship has a vision, a purpose in our lives and you both are working towards goals that assist in the growth of each individual as well as the relationship, harmony is created as is trust.

2.      Release expectations. Allow your partner to be an individual. Do not compare them to your ex-partners, if you see a connection between the two, that is something you must check yourself about. Do not compare your partner to the partner of others. So often we have place unrealistic expectations upon our partners. You can not dictate how a person should act, respond or behave. If you are not interested in your partner as an individual, leave. Do not attempt to change them into your dream man/woman.

3.      Listen first. Before you respond to anything, allow your partner to finish speaking, Hear every word that is being said, feel the energy present as they are speaking, and listen from an objective space without judging or defending. You can’t always be right!! Do not listen to respond, listen fully to understand.

4.      Look at yourself. Before you begin complaining or pointing your finger at your partner, ask yourself “what is it within me that causes them to behave this way?”. We usually hate in others that which we hate within ourselves. Relationships provide an excellent source of self-reflection as we attract partners who reflect us at the core. Our partners show us that which we love and hate most about ourselves. The more work you put into your self-improvement with a partner who is devoted to working on themselves, the more improvement you will see in your relationship.

5.      Speak life into your relationship. Do not run around town or jump on social media every time you get angry or have a disagreement. In fact, you should not speak ill of your partner to anyone when you intend to remain with them. When you speak of your relationship, you should do so from a place of love and compassion. You must have a vision for your relationship as you would for any goal you want to acquire and your partner must be in line with this vision.

Harmony and peace come from understanding, and that doesn’t have to mean agreeing. It’s simply seeing and accepting where the other person is coming from. When clarity is the foundation of your communication you can truly grow together, without fear of your words being taken the wrong way. Practice does not make things perfect, but practice does make things permanent. Value your relationship enough to create harmony on a daily, hourly, and minute by minute basis.

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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