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Master Working from Home.

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( Working from home can seem like a dream for someone that must deal with the stress of “the office”. The freedom of having an open schedule is tempting, and having full control of one’s day seems like a dream. However, there are challenges one must overcome when working from home from perception to time management. The lines between business work, and your home business can get blurred very easily, and there are more distractions to face. Furthermore, it is unfortunate that many will deem you as not really working because you aren’t clocking in to an office on a daily basis. You can very easily find yourself defending your work to family, and friends which can lead to stress. There is already plenty pressure on women in the workplace especially when they have families. Bring that work home without a plan, and discipline, could land you in a frustrated and unproductive space. Let’s look at a few ways to master working from home.

It is very important to set your work hours, and stick to them. Working g from the couch in your pajamas in front of the TV is not going to render you productive. You want to have a set time that your work day will begin, and mentally “clock in”. Plan your breaks, and even lunch time. Having a structure will allow you space to focus on your work. Working from home should allow us to be more productive, and efficient but that requires structure.

Set boundaries on your communication. Ladies some of us love to chat, and can be easily distracted by phone, text and instant message conversations. Friends and family know​you work from home, and though they mean no harm they won’t respect your​ time without boundaries. Since your home you’re seen as the one everyone can call, and some will feel that you can up and go at anytime​. It is important to try, to the best of your ability, and set office boundaries your phone. It easier to drive home that your work, even if it’s from home, is important when you aren’t available during certain time frames. This also takes discipline, but it is one method to communicate that you are working and it is not open season on your time.

Having a designated work space that is cut off from the rest of the house will allow you to focus. Furthermore, it helps to draw a line between work and home. If you have a room in your home with a door this would be a treat as to create space. When you close the door you can shut out the house, and focus on work. If that’s not an option consider a work space outside of the house whereby you can focus. It’s very important to have a distinction between work and home. As a wife or mom it’s veru easy to get caught up in the house work, when you have other work to do. There is always something around the house or regarding the family that needs to be done. Trying to multitask working from home with the house work won’t optimum productivity. Often times when this happens your work will suffer, and you will find yourself stressed out.

It is very helpful to remain social within hour field even when you work from home. Getting involved in conferences, workshops and networking groups will help you to get ideas, and grow in your field. Isolation​ is often not the best way to continue to grow which is very important.

Working from home can be a great opportunity. Not having to deal with workplace stress is good for one’s health and focus. However, discipline, boundaries, workspace and networking will help you work on a productive manner. Some of is work from home to be there for our children, because​ it allows us the room to accomplish more. Regardless of why working from home can be mastered by just keeping in mind that our work still requires structure.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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