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Protecting Health Protects Family.

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( This year began with many of us resolving to live healthier lives. Some of us are now going to the gym, spas, and yoga studios. As women adding healthy activities to our life brings about positive change. Health, and wellness, in every aspect of our life must be a priority. Let me just say I hate New Year resolutions because it’s simply cliché. Many people write a laundry list of things they will do in the upcoming year with no plan of action. If the list was so important why must one wait for the stroke of midnight bringing in the new year? With that being said improving our health should never be some blanket resolution, but a thought out life change. How we handle our health ladies effects the dynamics of our family.

As mothers, spouses, daughter and aunts we would do whatever we can to make sure our loved ones are properly cared for. There needs are important to us…sometime to the point of self neglect. We know that sacrifice is required for our family to grow and flourish. Nothing is too much to see our children do well, our spouse succeed, and the whole of our family rise. This is a beautiful position to take and it is to be commended. The problem is we don’t realize until it is too late that how we handle ourselves affects our ability to do the above mentioned.

We can’t stand with our family from a hospital bed. We can’t support our children, fight for them, and train them properly from an incapacitated position. Furthermore, illness has consequences. Unfortunately, too many of us can give up on ourselves where we will fight for others. This is a problem because we can have a hand in destroying the mind and spirit of our loved ones when they watch us decline, and we could have prevented it.

Sisters, we must care for ourselves. We must mind what eat, and what we feed our family. It can’t just be a matter of what taste good, and we can’t just engage in physical activity while ignoring our diet. It is not fair for our children and spouse to go through the horrific experience of being afraid we will die because we didn’t better care for our health. High blood pressure, and diabetes can lead to other illnesses that can kill you slowly. Your family will have to bear the weight of watching it happen. This was never your intention, but your children will be scared by watching such a thing. Your spouse will be torn apart because they don’t know how to help. Your kids will began hoping you’ll see them graduate, get married or have kids.

This is mental distress. Some physical hardships can be avoided by watching what we allow to disturb our piece, what we do with our body, and what we put in our mouth. Protecting your health is a vital part of protecting your family. Just as our babies need their fathers to stay alive and healthy they also need you to do the same. Being our best person inspired our family to do the same. Bettering our health keeps our family balanced and it safeguards their peace.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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