Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Embracing Becoming A Woman—Literally!

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( Becoming a woman is an everyday job, growing up as a woman means enduring various transitions and changes. While some changes are physical others are mental and emotional, throughout the years of aging you grow and develop. During puberty the hormones in the female body are more active than usual, these hormones signal the growth of your body. This stage transitions you into your adult body, these hormones mostly cause a lot of emotional changes. A part of becoming a woman is embracing your body, and everything that comes with it. Another change that we as women have to embrace is our “period”, which is also known as menstruation. Menstruation is the blood flow from the uterus in order to clean the female body and also mature the uterus for childbearing.

While embracing your body is a large role of embracing being a woman as a whole but there is more to it than meets the eye. The emotional aspect of being a woman is a very rocky one, you see being that females are very emotional we tend to act based on emotion part of the time. It’s not easy being a woman especially a black woman in today’s time. Despite years of fighting for women’s rights it seems we are still fighting for equality. Not only do we have to worry about our gender stopping us from moving up in the world but, now we have to fear our choices being potentially rendered by the government.

I watched a documentary called “trapped”, which discussed women’s rights and etc. The film focused on healthcare officials that perform “late-term” abortions, the documentary mostly contained women due to the fact it’s talking about women’s rights. The film went on to discuss late term abortion is the termination of pregnancy which is performed during a later stage of pregnancy. The film shined light on clinics in Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas that are struggling to keep their doors open. Sadly there is only one abortion clinic in Mississippi.

In states across America there have been hundreds of restrictions passed to stop women from receiving abortions. Rules such as making larger hallways for patients in wheelchairs after the abortion procedure, and other costly regulations followed by hospitals that are too costly for abortion clinics. Doctors, clinic owners and staff are fighting back to save these clinics because they are needed, though not everyone believes in abortion each individual person should be entitled to do what they want with their bodies.

The documentary also had personal testimonies and one is a black teenaged girl who has found out that she was pregnant but was being turned away from receiving an abortion. The girl says she is already struggling to take care of herself and can’t afford to bring a baby into her already chaotic living conditions. The laws passed are hindering her from receiving an abortion, and that’s not fair. The laws passed don’t protect women at all if anything it regulates them.

Who is the government to deny someone the right to an abortion not even knowing their situation or the things they struggle with. The Roe vs. Wade case heavily influenced the laws passed on abortion many decades ago. For years the government has been fighting to chose for the rights of women, it’s our body so who else has a right to that ?I’ve said all of this to say when being born we didn’t chose our destiny of being a woman, God made that option and we just have to learn to adapt with the tools given and make lemonade with the lemons of the world.

Staff Writer; Myra Moore

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