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Buying Clothes for Your Man.

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(ThySistas.comThe process of buying clothes for your husband or boyfriend can be a difficult one. It can be hard to know whether he will like the stuff you pick out for him or whether you’re simply choosing clothes that you like. On top of that, you have to be careful not to choose a brand he hates, to spend too much or too little compared to what he usually spends on his wardrobe.

So, yes, it can be a nightmare, but it’s not impossible to get it right. If you want to buy your man some new clothes and you want to avoid all of the potential pitfalls, here are some tips to help you out:

Ask Him What He Likes

This is pretty obvious, but if you want to ensure that you get him something he really does like, simply ask him about his taste. Obviously, if you want it to be a surprise, you’ll haver o skip this step, but otherwise, ask him which brands he loves and hates, how much he would typically spend on an outfit and whether he prefers chinos or jeans – stuff like that. You’ll get a much better idea of his thoughts on fashion, which h will be invaluable to you on your shopping trip, cutting the likelihood of you buying him something he really doesn’t like.

Ask His Friends

If you can’t directly ask him what he likes, are you close enough to any of his friends to ask them for help? Asking his friends to recommend a jacket, or a pair of sneakers, or even go shopping with you if they’re willing will help you to choose things he’ll wear more than just once to please you.

Check Out His Closet

Whenever you get the opportunity, take a sneaky look in his closet to see what size his clothes are and which brands he favors. That way, you’ll know exactly where to start, and buying from the brands you know he likes will increase the odds of you picking out something that he’ll love. If you plan to purchase any extras, like buying a mens gold bracelet or watch, for example, be sure to also measure any of his expositing jewelry for size as this will avoid disappointment and ensure you don’t have to have it altered.

Choose Traditional Brands

If you aren’t able to determine which brands he favors before you shop, play it safe and go for traditional brands like Levi’s and Dickies instead. These companies produce timeless classics that rarely, if ever, go out of style and which most men would be happy to wear.

Stick with His Style

You might love the preppy look, but if he’s a diehard wearer of sports clothes or a lover of the rock look, you probably won’t impress him by purchasing the shirts and pants you like. He is his own person, and he has his own style – respect that and stick to purchasing pieces that fit in with his current aesthetic if you want to make him happy.

Check His Color Palette

As well as checking out what brand he loves, and what size he wears, it might be a good idea to take stock of the colors that make up the most of his wardrobe. Some men are happy to embrace the spectrum from black to bright pink, but other guys are more reserved in the colors they will and won’t wear, so if his wardrobe is 80 percent black, you know that neutral colors will be ok, but if he has a mix, feel free to go for any color you like.

Buy What He Needs

The gift of clothing is likely to go over much better if you get him something he really needs. After all, most men prefer practical gifts than something that is extravagant. So, if his favorite pair of Levi’s are starting to look worn or he’s running low on presentable underwear, buy him a replacement and he’ll be perfectly pleased.

Stick to a Few Stores

Chances are that your guy only ever buys his clothes from a handful of stores. If you can work out what they are, your task will be much easier because he’s likely to approve of their aesthetic, and therefore most things you buy there will be okay by him. It’ll also make it easier for you if you don’t have to go all over town looking for something suitable.

Buy Hobby-Related Clothes

Most guys have a hobby or two that they are passionate about, and if your man is the same, this might just make it easier to buy him some clothes. For example, if he supports a certain football team, buying him a shirt or jacket with their logo will go over well, or if he’s a film buff, buying him a shirt with his favorite film on the front will make him happy. Tailor your clothes purchases to his hobby, and you’ll be onto a winner.

Trying Something New

If you really want to encourage your man to try out a style he has never tried before, you can, but you should proceed with caution and start with a style that isn’t quite so far removed from his own. If for example, he always wears baggy jeans, but you would prefer him to wear something more fitted, don’t go straight for the skinny jeans – buy him a pair of slim fit trousers and see how he feels. If you are going to try pushing his style, you have to be prepared for the fact he won’t like it, and you have no right to feel bad about that – it’s his choice what he wears.

Check the Return Policy

Although the above tips should help you to choose clothes he really loves, there is always going to be a chance that the stuff you pick just won’t appeal to him, which is why it is always a good idea to ask about the store’s return policy before you buy. If the policy is too rigid or you won’t have time to show your guy his gift and make a return should you have made a poor choice, just don’t buy. You’ll be able to find something similar elsewhere. Just remember to keep the receipt!

Have you ever bought clothes for the man in your life? How did it go? Did you experience any problems or did you nail it right off the bat?

Staff Writer; Susan Jones



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