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5 Ways to Spice up the Bedroom.

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( Keeping a sexual relationship alive takes some work – that’s no secret. Be it lack of imagination, energy, time or just every day stuff – there’s always something that’s going to get in the way of what you’d want to do in the bedroom. It’s like with time you get comfortable with doing things a certain way and you get stuck with a routine that’s not usually the sizzling hot process you’d want it to be.

And it’s not just middle-aged married couples that need spicing up when it comes to sexy time. If you don’t keep that passion alive it can happen to your relationship no matter how old or in love you are. So, in order to keep things fresh sometimes you have to put in a little extra effort. So what if your boyfriend has seen you in every possible way? You can still be sexy for him if you flaunt some super-sexy lingerie! So what if you’ve already done it in a million ways? There’s still room for doing something new and different!

]Here are 10 easy things you can do to spice up what goes down in the bedroom:

Set up the Atmosphere

You might think it’s corny with the candles and the satin sheets but these do make the atmosphere more sensual! You don’t have to go overboard and do anything dramatic but maybe a few candles here and there, a hot massage, a sexy nighty, why not? It will only bring out what’s been asleep when it comes to your sexual desire and that could be all the spicing up you need.

Take Charge

If you’re looking into ways of spicing up your sex life, there’s obviously something you’re not fine with when it comes to sexy time with your man. So the most important thing you can do is – do something about it. At this point it can be anything – and it’ll help. The only thing you shouldn’t do is stay unsatisfied and just let it be like that. So, if you want more sex – play the seducing game more often! Want more diversity? Put some ideas on the table! You want change, you have to take charge!

Lose the Distractions

If you’re one of those people who’s let the TV set distract your attention from your partner in the bedroom, that’s something to fix! TVs, cellphones, tablets, iPads, iPods – out with them! All of us have them and all of us use them – but, they’re ruining that sexy and romantic vibe in your bedroom!

Put in the Time

How much time do you usually spend on foreplay? How long are your love making sessions? It all matters! Especially – the foreplay! That’s the time you get turned on and hyped about what’s about to come! So if you just get straight down to business it’s probably going to feel like just that – business. If you take the time to turn each other on and set up the mood it’s going to be passionate and wild!

Bring in the Toys

Lots of couples are afraid to introduce sex toys to the bedroom, but that shouldn’t be something intimidating at all! It should be something you two explore together that can bring in some of the much needed diversity to your play time! Don’t be afraid to test your limits but don’t go too far if it makes you uncomfortable. There are so many choices to go with. Some are tame and even cute and some are pretty out there. So choose your toys and go play!

What do you do in the bedroom to heat things up? We want to hear from you.

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