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Winning the Battle Against Anxiety.

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( Sometimes life can knock you all the way down. So much so that doing small things can be hard. A lot of people suffer from anxiety and don’t quite know how to deal with it. If this is you please know that you are not alone.

It is normal to have feelings of stress from time to time. Work, kids, relationships, money and more can all take a toll on your mind. For some, coming out of the slump of anxiety is just a matter of time. Once things pass then life goes back to normal. For others, anxiety is a way of life and finding methods to remedy how they feel so that they can get on with things can be discouraging. This is especially true in the black community where getting help with anything mental health related is considered taboo. I am not saying that you need to see a doctor, but you do need to find ways to relieve your stress and anxiety somehow.

So because I know that we can all use some tips on how to live a more peaceful and centered existence, here are some tips on how to handle your moments of anxiety and stress.


Sometimes, the source of our anxiety comes from overthinking about things. When we don’t know how situations will turn out, we begin to panic and go into overdrive. In those moments, take the time out to meditate. Now, this is more than just sitting still being quiet. A lot of people find that task hard to do. When you meditate, sit in a comfortable position (usually on the floor) with your back straight. Take deep breaths and focus on the sound of exhaling slowly. This will clear your mind. Meditation is an effective way to center yourself and there is tons of help online for your reference.


Easier said than done I know. But when I say focus I mean, “be present.” One of the things that anxiety does it take away moments from us because we are so focused on “what-ifs” and “maybes.” Learn how to be in the moment by not giving in when bouts of anxiety try to remind you of the things that are not pertinent to what you are currently doing. Be in the moment. That’s a great way to win the battle against anxiety.


It can be of great help to write down the things that are constantly on your mind. This will allow you to get it off of your chest, which many times is what some need in order to get past the feeling that they are experiencing. You can keep a journal for writing down your feelings. It can also help you work through what’s on your mind. Furthermore, this is an effective way to watch your feelings and your thoughts. Being aware of your train of thought can help change your train of thought.

Anxiety doesn’t have to rule or ruin your life. There are steps that you can take to fight against those moments when you feel like everything is going wrong. These are just a few ways to combat those feelings.

Staff Writer; Rasheda Abdullah

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