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How To Be The Best Friend To Someone Suffering From Chronic Pain.

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(ThySistas.comWhen someone is suffering from chronic pain, either as a result of illness or an injury, their lives can be completely turned upside down. They may find they are unable to work, shop for necessities, or even socialize due to a lack of mobility. All of these problems can result in isolation, mental health concerns, and even shaky financial situations. The very fact that they have you, a friend who loves them, will help considerably. And while they might not expect you to do anything to help with day to day life, you make a great shoulder to cry on.

Be an emotional support

Chronic pain can be emotionally draining for the sufferer. They can find that their energy levels are seriously depleted – after all, dealing with pain 24/7 can be really tiring. This can cause feelings of depression which, when left untreated, tend to get worse rather than better. Having a kind ear who welcomes all the ranting and raving that can come with chronic pain can be a significant help. It also enables you to keep an eye on their mental state, and encourage them to seek professional help if you think that they might require it.

You could help with their daily life

Every day life can be difficult for people suffering from chronic pain. Even things that we take for granted, such as grocery shopping or personal hygiene can become seemingly insurmountable obstacles for someone whose energy and physical capabilities are constantly taking a battering. Some people don’t want help from friends or families, whereas others welcome having some of the weight lifted. If their chronic pain is a result of injury, they may be entitled to compensation, which can make the world of difference to someone who may be struggling financially. You can help by researching personal injury firms and discovering the help that’s available. This might be something they haven’t considered for themselves, but it could make a significant difference to their quality of life. Could you also help by picking up groceries while you shop for yourself, and helping to ensure that they eat a healthy diet? You could maybe hire a cleaner to help them stay on top of household chores, or look into home care for them if they really struggle to take care of themselves.

Don’t overstep their boundaries

When someone suffers from chronic pain, it can be easy to overstep their personal boundaries by attempting to help more than they’re comfortable with. Many people see it as a point of pride to carry on their day to day life, so even if you see them struggling, be sure to ask them if they’d like help before you take it upon yourself. Sufferers of chronic pain have boundaries that are just as important as any other person’s. Speak to them candidly about the type of help that they would like, and what help they would be uncomfortable accepting. You can also make it clear to them that they can ask for extra help at any time.

Just remember to care for yourself too – don’t burn yourself out caring for someone else.

Staff Writer; Lisa Hall

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