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How To Get Through The Five Most Stressful Things In Life.

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(ThySistas.comThe top five most stressful situations in life are bereavement, divorce, moving house, illness, and losing your job. Here are some tips to help you deal with each of them.


There are no hard and fast rules about how to deal with bereavement. The only thing to remember is that it will get better with time. Your pain will never lessen but it will become less sharp, and you will learn how to deal with it in a more healthy way. You’ll be able to look back on the past and smile because of happy memories instead of being unhappy because of your loss. Make a memory book for you and your kids to look through, and make sure that you keep talking about your loved one who you’ve lost. A bereavement counsellor could also help.


The end of a relationship is always rough, but divorces are particularly hard. A lot of the time, children are involved, and you need to bear in mind that their happiness should be your top priority. Although you might hate and resent it, it’s important for them to have contact with their other parent and it’s your job to facilitate that. Make sure that you get a good divorce lawyer. You need to protect yourself and your children from any financial repercussions that your divorce may have. Delete social media for the time being if you can’t stop yourself checking up on what your ex is doing and try to keep busy. Remember, you will absolutely find love again.

Moving House

Moving house can be one of the most stressful things that you can go through. It will test your bond with your partner and it will probably take over your life for as long as the move takes. Firstly, make sure you’re as prepared as possible – start packing up your possessions one room at a time, and make sure that you pack one box that you’re planning to open on the first night in your new house containing the basics that you’ll need. Hire movers to help you get the job done.


It’s extremely hard to watch one of your loved ones suffering from illness – arguably harder than it is to be ill yourself, because you just wish they could take your pain away. Not only does illness have a horrendous emotional impact (talk to your doctor if you think it’s affected your mental health) but it can also have an impact on your finances. Talk to an accountant and your insurance company and make sure you budget carefully.

Job Loss

Not only can losing your job mean that your lifestyle could change very quickly but it can also badly affect your self esteem and make you feel bad about yourself. Remember that your job doesn’t affect the sort of person you are and that you can still make a positive impact on the world in other ways. Make sure that you stay active – go to networking events and update your resume so you can send it off to as many companies as you can. Being pro-active is the key.

Staff Writer; Sherry Parker

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