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Making the Move with Children.

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(ThySistas.comWhen you move home with a family, the stress can be double if not more of that when you are moving alone. You only have yourself to think about when it is a sole move; if children are involved, it’s their entertainment and safety that is moving up your priority list. It can suck, but at the same time it’s an experience that you need to learn from. As long as you take in tips and pointers about how best to go about it, you will allow yourself the room to be flexible to different approaches. If everything is covered, it will be creativity that you will need to rely on to keep the day moving faster.

Involve Family and Friends

If there is somewhere for your children to go while you are packing up and moving stuff over, and if the offer is there for them to stay for a long period, take them up on it. Whether it’s friends or family, the help that you could be receiving will be invaluable to your productivity and how fast you will be able to get the move done. Just think about how long it could take if you had to keep checking on your kids and making sure they were safe and well the whole way through – it doesn’t really bear thinking about it, does it?

Get Children Involved

If your children are of the age where they can help, then get them packing. This is a great life lesson to teach them; they will see that what they are doing is contributing to the wider effort of getting you into your new home. You can encourage them by getting them to imagine where their stuff is going to go in the new house; kids love constant praise, and will only gear themselves up to help you more if they hear it. It could be a great bonding experience and a memory that you will all fondly look back on.

Hire Outside Help

Although friends and family are great as a frugal approach to help, if they’re not available then you will possibly need to think outside of the box and pay somebody to come in and give you a hand. You should definitely consider a moving company if nothing else, so that the stress of multiple journeys from house to help will be alleviated. They can also help with the transporting of furniture from in the inside of your old house to the inside of your new one, saving you some backache.

Keep Routine

Try and stick to any routine that you may have in place with your children. A house move can be a big change in their lives – probably the biggest that they’ve encountered so far – and they may like to feel comforted and reassured with something that doesn’t change along the way. It could be something as simple as implementing their bed time regardless of where they are (so if they’re staying over at a relative’s house, make sure that they stick to the rules). Anything like this will help them adapt brilliantly.

Staff Writer; Lois Day

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