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6 Important Healing and Self Care Practices for Black Women.

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( Black people especially black women in America are in a constant state of trauma. The realities of everyday racist politicians to never-ending stream of police shootings of unarmed black folk, to the spiritual damage of slavery and beyond. Healing and self-care is needed. Here are six important healing and self-care practices for black women:

Give yourself permission to feel: You have to give yourself the space to feel what you’re feeling whether upset, angry, sad, and frustrated. Feel it. That’s all just feel it. Do not try to work through it just yet. Just sit with your feelings for a moment prior to trying to process. Don’t allow other to come before you during this time. Just feel.

Be angry: It’s actually healthy for you to be angry temporality. You’re allowed to be angry. So be angry. With all the “New Yearslogans such as “New Year, New You and YOU have the power to”… make your body thinner, your house neater, and your life better!” When really, those messages do not take systemic oppression into consideration. When these slogans state to rid your home of things that do not cause joy, they do not consider that someone may not have a home to call their own, or even have many things to give away. When they say to get moving, they do not consider that many people do not live in streets safe enough to walk in, or neighborhoods that do it have sidewalks or street lamps.

Practice gratitude: If you fill your heart with gratitude, there will be no space for fear or anger. The minute you open your eyes, think about three things you are grateful for – from the simplest (the air in your lungs, for example) to the most intricate (your impending week-long family vacation, your steady income, etc.). Being grateful for all that you have will gradually, if not immediately, turn it all into enough.

Give yourself permission to take up space: Give yourself permission to own and breathe and live in your skin. Own the space that you occupy. Systems of oppression exist misogyny, diet culture, and white supremacy to ensure that we remain unseen and silent. Be intentional, be unapologetic, and don’t be afraid to speak your mind, to hold your ground, and to do what you need to do.

Give yourself permission to love your body: Wear makeup, wear nothing, lovingly pat your belly rolls, shave, don’t shave, wear that skirt that is “too short” and not “age appropriate.” Your body is your own. Make this year about learning to love it. Given the racism and fat shaming occurring right now, this is easier said than done. The time has come to put these things behind

Hang out with people who want to make the world a better place: It is important to build an intentional community of strong grounded women. Choose women of all ages who have different experiences. Healing with them consists of copious amounts of coffee, laughter, and plans of action. What can each of us do from our corners of the world to protect our kids, people of color, immigrants, and our families? Finding like-minded individuals in your own community, or even online, can help you feel less isolated and hopeless.

In the face of this kind of despair, self-care is important, now more than ever. We need to find community and safe spaces to mourn and mobilize. We need to fiercely protect our mental health and take care of our bodies.

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