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Finding A Positive Path Through Illness.

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(ThySistas.comNone of us like to think about illness. We put it to the back of our minds and hope it won’t strike. Even when we’re not looking, illness has a habit of catching up with us. Despite your belief that you can turn your back on the problem, you may be doing more damage by ignoring it. Accepting that something could happen to you means you can look out for the symptoms. It also means you can take steps to protect yourself. Trust us, ignoring the possibility won’t do you any good! And what do you do if you do spot a problem? The best way through health issues is to keep a positive mindset. Tackle the problem with all the strength you have. Because, you know what, Sista’s? We’ve got the power to face anything life throws at us.

If you are ill, your mindset will make all the difference to helping you recover. Facing your illness with all the positivity you have in you will help you through. Don’t let that diagnosis flatten you. If you have the wrong mental state, it’s going be much harder to get back on your feet. You have a fight on your hands, and it’s time to stand up and be counted! If the drugs prescribed by your doctor, isn’t working to your liking, one may then need to look into experimenting with medical cannabis. In a state like Arizona patients can carry up to 2.5 ounces of concentrates when it comes to marijuana. Requirements differ by state, for obtaining such a drug. With that, following these steps should have you on the road to recovery in no time.


So, you’re sat in the doctor’s office, and they’ve given you the diagnosis you’ve been dreading. How do you deal with that? Remember the positivity we spoke about? You’re going to need it in buckets here! It may be hard, but listen to what your doctor tells you. Coming to your own conclusion about your diagnosis is a sure way to spiral into despair. The doctor knows the deal and will give it to you in the simplest terms they can. You may not be able to digest the information, but it’s important you listen anyway. Accept that you may need a while to come to terms with what’s happening. Don’t make any hasty decisions then and there. Explain that you need time to come to terms with what you’ve been told. The doctor will understand. Make an appointment for another occasion. 

Once you’re home, don’t go on the internet! Online diagnosis is the worst thing you can do at this point. Trust that your doctor knows what they’re doing. Think about what you already know, and accept that may be all you need to know at this stage. Take some time to pamper yourself. Take a bath, put on your favorite bathrobe. Treat yourself to a box of chocolates if it helps. Then, when you feel as pampered as possible, you can start the digestion process.


Once the digestion process is over,  come up with a plan of action. Know that you don’t have to do this alone. Discuss your options with a doctor on your next visit. With professional help, you can come up with the best treatment plan possible. Having a plan in place will help you get the fighting spirit you need. We all function better when we know what to do moving forward, right? Knowing you’re taking the steps you need will help you feel more confident straight away.


It’s important that you look after your mindstate, as well as your body. After all, it’s your mind that’s going to help your body through this. If you’re in doubt, sites like can give you some idea of the power behind positive thinking. It may be worth getting to grips with meditation. Calming your mind may seem like the last thing you want to do right now, but it’ll do you a world of good. Meditation will also help you gain perspective on your situation. That perspective will be crucial as you go forward. You may even come to some startling realizations during your practice.

Think, too, about practicing mindfulness in the everyday. This will help you to gain and calm mindset as you move through the world. Recognizing the beauty all around you will also assist in strengthening your fighting spirit!


We all know that getting the treatment we need doesn’t come cheap. Financial problems are the last thing you want when you’re not well. That’s why it’s important you get to grips with the costs as soon as possible. With any luck, you’ll have health insurance which can cover the costs. If not, you’ll need to find a way to pay for everything you need. Try and gain some understanding of how much your treatment is going to cost you. That way, you can put savings aside each month to ensure you can afford to get everything necessary done. Don’t let your illness defeat you because you can’t afford the treatment.

It may be worth thinking about whether you could gain any compensation for what you’re going through. A lot of the time, it’s the things we’re exposed to that cause our illnesses. Do a little research into whether your illness offers you the chance to claim. Companies like the one found at specialise in getting compensation for certain types of cancer, as well as other illnesses. A payout could be the guardian angel you need to help you get through!


You may feel the need to protect the people you love from what’s happening, but it’s important that you let them help! Whether it’s your friends or your family, accept that you need to lean on your loved ones. Don’t hold back. You can be sure that they’ll want to do anything possible to help you through. Talk to them about how you’re feeling. Bottling up your emotions won’t help you get better. Talking things through with someone other than your doctor will help. Like meditation, talking can give you a new perspective on what’s happening. It can squash your illness down to size and show you how manageable it is!

It’s important, too, that you spend time away from your illness. It’s easy to get caught in conversations about the problem and forget to have fun. Fun and laughter are the best remedies for any problems. Take time to do the things you love with your favorite people. Arrange days out, or meals where you don’t talk about your illness at all. Of course, people are going to ask about how you’re feeling. If that’s getting you down, ask people if you can have an illness free day. They’ll understand. Getting away from illness for short snatches of time will help you. You’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to face your illness again at the end of it.


Your loved ones will be the best support you have while you’re struggling. Even so, they have no way of understanding what you’re going through. Joining a support group with other people in the same position as you will help you, too. Meeting new friends is always a fantastic way to give yourself a boost. Meeting new friends who can give you that level of understanding is even better. You may find that you can laugh about the symptoms you share. Knowing that you aren’t alone is a sure way to make you feel stronger. Knowing there are other, fantastic people going through the same thing will give you recovery inspiration. The group will also give you a safe place to talk about the things you may not want to admit to your loved ones. There’s no denying that there will be darker sides to your illness. Being able to be open about those times, and get advice on them, will make a huge difference.


When you’re ill, it’s easy to forget that all aspects of your health need caring for. You may spend so much time concentrating on your illness, that you forget to focus on your general health. Being in the best health possible will ensure a quicker recovery time. Take steps to keep yourself active. Time spent outside is always a healer, and a short walk each day will help your body, too! Bear in mind that there will be some days when you don’t feel up to it. Don’t give yourself a hard time. If you don’t feel you can face a walk, why not spend some time sitting in the garden instead? Fresh air can do you a world of good!

Think, too, about the food you’re eating. You may be so distracted by what’s going on that you start living off ready meals. That’s not going to aid your recovery in any way! Your body is good at telling you what it needs, so take the time to listen to it. You should be packing in the fruit. Vitamins have healing powers of their own. Make sure, too, that you’re still getting your five a day!

Staff Writer; Sherry Jones

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